All about Leather this Libra Season

Published on 16 October 2022 at 13:10

As Autumn is in full effect this Libra season, I am reminded by the vivid colours splashed  all around me to enjoy this life. Electric and leather, free as a feather, the freedom I feel is a present from the universe.

Wild like the wind that whips, I'm mesmerised by the complex synchronicity of this vibrant season, all awake with abstract fragments of an auburn and copper orange collage.

This Libra season I’m all about leather. I like the sound it makes. Like a sudden rush, I find myself excited to be travelling soon and so I've started buying new clothes. I'm drawn to garments made of leather, smooth like latex or bold and rough textures.

I like that leather look.


I find myself saying “stay wild moon child,” while I look at the stars. I can see the constellation Cassiopeia burning bright in the night. "This year so far has been an entanglement of emotions, raw and bitter, like that one drink too many." I think to myself. 

Emotions run deeply in my veins and I know that now, Life cannot be simple for me because I do not experience things rationally. I am raw and my freedom came at a price. It wasn't easy to break away from the shackles of disillusionment. To step out into the same world, to walk on the very same earth as something new.

Now that I have my freedom, I can run wild, like a biker dripping in hot oil, without the chains wrapping around me keeping me stuck.

Talking is the best medicine, and all have invisible battles, you know? But how could you possibly know, unless you talk to someone. Life is less isolating when you share. Where beauty is found in individualism, comfort can be found in similarity.

Envy is a poisonous medicine and beauty can be lonely curse. Like the mourning of the leaves of Autumn, grief weighs down on the loneliest of hearts, so warm chestnuts on the fire and believe that the warmth of company this autumn will heal.

The veil is thinning, as a pagan’s New Year approaches. Mystical times are scattered on the magical horizon, like the fool walking down the path of the moon, it's all about leather love for this mystic this Libra season.


Love is a Drug


Ambitious beauty is a curse,


Fallen like the Angel of desire,


Broken wings and harp strings,


With psalms that cut,


Like broken glass,


And wind that whips like pride,


Through the wiry waves,


Float like a feather,


Wild like leather.

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