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Understanding the 7 main Aspects of Astrology

In astrology, aspects refer to the angles formed between two or more celestial bodies within a birth chart. These aspects provide information about the relationships, energies, and interactions between different planets, points, and angles in a person's chart.

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Rose of Thorns and some thoughts on the Divine Feminine Energy

Today is the feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene, so I was inspired to write something on feminine energy. Venus is also going retrograde today, with the nodes of fate changing like clock work, so it's a big day energetically. Spikey energy like the thorn of a rose, vibrant and red as the lips of Lilith. I am feeling the healing energy of this retrograde. 

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The New Moon in Cancer and the Shadow of the Venus Retrograde

Cosmic blessings for the New moon in Cancer today. We have been blessed with a chance to manifest the new again. As Venus is about to retrograde unusually for four months, we are currently residing in what is called the shadow of the retrograde, a period of time before the retrograde itself. Usually it lasts a week or so depending on the retrograde. 

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Denim Babe with those Monday Blues as Mars enters Virgo

Mars enters Virgo today, and I'm not enjoying the funky atmosphere. I guess I could sum it up as Monday blues because you're back at the office, except I don't work in an office. I imagine this is how they must feel every Monday, like the life has been sucked out of them. Or maybe I'm just being a bit pessimistic. I am an Aquarius after all and I'm still feeling that pull of Plutonian energy, even if it is retrograding in Capricorn, it's still heavy and grinding. Intense. 

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The Full Moon of Capricorn and the Cazimi in Cancer

It's July 1st and today there's a Cazimi in Cancer, while there's a dance between the planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. This portal of good luck is an important one. A Cazimi is where a planet's orbit is within 1 degree of the Sun. When this happens the planet, in this case Mercury, is in an enchanted state. As Mercury rules the mind, this Cazimi shines light on our mind.  

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Meet the Author..

There is more to life than meets the eye, of that I am certain, but astrology is a compass for our inner world, and a gift from the heavens. What happens above, mirrors what will happen below. Used throughout history, astrology was once regarded as an intellectual study and still is to some, perhaps to those of us who have past lives rooted deep within the earth.


So join me, as I share my passion for astrology and navigate my way through the stars, listening to the hum of the planets -to the best of my abilities. We are all on a journey of learning and evolving after all. I share my advice, thoughts and predictions for the years ahead. Just one humble astrology lover under the map of our electric sky.


I am simply a conduit for the art of astrology, and I find myself on a journey to somewhere. The fool on his quest up the mountain, but one in which I feel compelled to share. Be blessed under this blanket of stars. Here are some musings from a mystic. There is no coincidence that you are here...