An Aquarius Super Moon and the Six Planets in Retrograde

Published on 1 August 2023 at 09:50

August is an odd month astrologically, for many reasons, but to start it all off we have a Super Moon in Aquarius. Actually we have two full moons this August which is unusual. The second full moon will be in Pisces at the end of the month, and is also a super moon.


So what is a super moon you ask? Well, a super moon is one that stands close to the earth and so it looks much larger. They tend to amplify electromagnetics within the earths field, as well as our inner issues, often shedding light on something that was unseen, which could see turmoil rise. As Venus is currently in retrograde it could lean more towards toxic habits within relationships.  


The Aquarius moon is of course associated with self-expression, you must be your unique and authentic self, whatever the cost. Whether that means tapping into the dark side of the moon and using your icy grasp to be able to release what no longer serves you, or protesting about what you don't like. Trust me, if you get in an Aquarius' way when they are trying to evolve, you won't stay in their life a second longer. This may sound a little dark, but don't forget the shadow of Pluto is lurking over the energy of Aquarius right now.


Finally, Aquarius is a weird kind of energy. It's that other world stuff, strange knowings and an ability to see what we often don't understand yet. As an Aquarius myself, watching the whole Alien conspiracy thing come out in America, well, lets just say I predicted that at the beginning of the year. So while people are freaking out about it or believing it's not real, a kind of cope I guess, I'm kind of just rolling with it. I already saw it happening. 


I'm talking aliens walk among us, that type of weird-ass Aquarius shit, that you won't even believe is happening. You thought Saturn in Aquarius was bizarre, just wait for this to unfold. I have a few theories and predictions but I won't off load all that at once. Anyway, the slow release of Plutonian energy will begin to plant the seeds of bizarre change during it's transition into Aquarius March 23rd until June 10th 2023."

From my post Pluto Trines into Aquarius for the Start of a New Era.


Anyway, this Super moon will act as a collective shedding of traditional beliefs and challenge what we thought was possible. Welcome to the age of Aquarius. 


Next up we have a new moon in Leo, August 16th towards the end of Leo season. This is perhaps the most light hearted moment of the month. We should have a flurry of creative energy after this new moon, and with the last remnants of bubbly sunny Leo energy, we could feel quite good here. 


But then the wild fires of Leo season will come to an abrupt end, and with it brings in the start of Virgo season, and we switch back into analytic, obsessive and compulsive energy. We could start getting irritated easily, by even the little details. Mercury also retrogrades in Virgo on August 23rd, the day after the start of Virgo season, So expect micro management at work, a lack of sleep due to over thinking, and compulsive thoughts. 


The month of August has a total of 6 planets in retrograde. Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and finally the shadow of Jupiter in Taurus which will begin on September 4th, (which could bring money troubles).


We also have Mars entering Libra which is not a harmonious planetary alignment on August 27th. This energy often brings up extreme indecisiveness. It can cause fluctuations and struggle within relationships, intensity and a lack of balance. Power struggles are a common theme within this transition.


Finally to end the month of August we have a Super moon in Pisces, meaning Intuition will be off the charts. A victim mentality could be strong here, as could the surge of addictions. Impulses will be high during this full moon so be aware of your hightened senses during this time and take care of yourself. 


August is only one month, so try not to dwell on the bad. Astrology gives us a general guidance to navigate our was through the muddy waters. If you are prepared you cannot be caught off balance, instead prepare for the month ahead by budgeting, taking time out to nurture your soul and enjoy the creative energy of the Leo new moon.


Find peace in your surroundings, and be bright always.


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