Pluto Trines into Aquarius for the Start of a New Era

Published on 23 March 2023 at 07:55

Today is it, the Big Bang, Pluto moves into Aquarius, the house of humanity, for twenty fucking years. Apart for the Pluto retrograde, where it moves back into Capricorn for a few months, but then moves back into Aquarius as it continues in it's orbit away from earth. It's a huge shift in cosmic energy, but because Pluto's orbit is slow, big changes will start in a small way.


So, astrologists have been loosing their shit over this for years, and the big day is finally here. As an Aquarius, I live with me, full time, and I know that I have a dark side, especially, when I loose my temper, so the thought of Pluto orbiting in my sign is kind of scary. It's sure to have life changing consequences or a complete restructure of the humanity completely. 


Saturn moved into Aquarius on April 2020, as I briefly mentioned before, and look what happened then! As Aquarius is the sign of humanity and a fixed sign, the seriousness of Saturn had huge repercussions. Saturn's energy is a bit like the Tower card in tarot I guess. It knocks everything down and the tower crumbles, so that you can rebuild, and make things stronger. 

So what's the difference between Saturn and Pluto? Well, a lot! Pluto is more about digging up the foundations and completely transforming everything around you. 

Like we're talking a complete re-haul of humanity as we know it. As Aquarius is also the sign of technology, with lightening quick thinking and flashes of electric imagination, we could be seeing quantum leaps with technology. AI might just take over.


Pluto is also the planet of exposing truth, so things could get really interesting. We could see political systems crumble and be exposed to things that have been hidden from us. Yep conspiracy theorists, this is your era to show everyone you were right, although you may wish that you weren't.


I'm talking aliens walk among us, that type of weird-ass Aquarius shit, that you won't even believe is happening. You thought Saturn in Aquarius was bizarre, just wait for this to unfold. I have a few theories and predictions but I won't offload all that at once. Anyway, the slow release of Plutonian energy will begin to plant the seeds of bizarre change during it's transition into Aquarius March 23rd until June 10th 2023.  


Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn from June until January 2024. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, which was the worst financial year in American history. As Capricorn is the sign of power, the retrograde of Pluto from June 11th until January 2024 will have profound effects on political systems in particular. 


Because Pluto's power is strong, but slow, this orbit means these changes will happen, as a permanent change to society as we know it. When Pluto returns to Aquarius in January 2024 we're going into a 6D dimension, so hold onto your hat! Prepare for the optical illusions to be exposed. You'll finally see through the smoke and mirrors, and the veil into the spiritual realm will prevail. 

The Dawning of a New Era


Mystics sing into the blue, 

Orbits of a new found order, 

A spiritual realignment,

Gaia's Chakras are blocked, 

The dawning of a new time, 

A trine to Pluto,

The Planet of destruction,

And renewal, 

Learn to see the light,

In rebirth, 

Death is a part of life, 

Intensity in the emotions within,

Mystics of the world I know,

Now it's time to sing it so. 


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