The World of the Five Senses and Eros the Asteroid

Published on 2 April 2023 at 08:31

Mercury, the planet of the mind will influence our vision, taking us into the realm of the five senses for the next few months. As it enters Taurus on April 3rd 2023 expect your mindest to change rapidly. I have noticed it already. Taurus has a grounded and approcable way of thinking. I don't do well in this shift. 

Common sense will reign over us and thought provoking daydreams will be forgotten about. Taurus the earth sign is a dominant one and one with natural communicative skills. As a writer this is not good for me, socialising is a distraction and I live in the world of fanciful thought...


Prehaps my only solace, is the sensual side of Taurus. Prepare to be taken out of the mind and into the dominion of the five senses. Tactical and real, Taurus lives in the present.


Exploring earthly sounds and sight, touched with vivid paws of delight. Tasting pleasures all a new, and the smells of spring in full bloom. The asteroid of Eros approaches and pleasures of the mortal world will soon be all around. 

Maybe my mind needs this, the golden touch. The joy of feeling alive again. "Sensual pleasures of a new found land, the God of Eros reach out your hand."


In ancient mythology, Eros or Cupid, of course was often depicted as wearing a blindfold to symbolise how blind love can be. But, what if you interpret this differently? Maybe desires and wildfires need our senses in tune. There are many ways to heighten our senses, things we tend to overlook when living life.

An indulgence for pleasures for the body with experimental play. A mirrored pleasure in pleasing others. Your body is a temple of true existence, so tap into the earthly wisdom we all bestow. Let pleasure take control.


So what of those, who have more than five senses? Well, arguably there are many, many more senses that we are both aware and unaware of. The basics we learnt as children are outdated and old. Taurus with it's grounded focus on common sense will likely tune these out. Remember it is a stubborn sign.


But a six sense, what of that? Well, maybe this is a reprieve, like a vacation for the mind. A chance to switch off for a while in the heat of the earth signatures and simply unwind.

Saturn still transits Pisces, and will so for a while, serious Saturn does not like the fluidity of water signs, so fear not my mystics, you haven't lost yourself, Eros is simply calling you for a while to find pleasure in this world that is ripe for your picking.


I intend to spend this transit indulging in selfcare, massage, aromatherapy oils, candles, flowers, spiritual baths, biting into juicy fresh fruit and unbridled pleasure away from the pressures of the mind. 

The Hands of Eros 


Take me away from my mind,

Into the unknown,

And world of the sublime,

So I may seek,

Unbridled shores,

Of pleasures lost to;

World's forgotten,

Like Atlantis,

And the singing harlots,

The realm of desires,

A phantom of the heart,

Requires complex vision,

To find a pearl lost in an Ocean,

The salty sea foam,

A man's companion,

To know that land is near,

That scent of promise, 

To finally feast on the fruits,

Of the Earth,

Fear not sweet mind,

Leave the psychic visions behind,

And taste the iron,

Chilli and Cinnamon,

Relinquish to the warmth,

Of wildness and fires,

An untamed heathen,

Casting her eyes out to the middens,

Take the hands of Eros,

And be blessed by the senses,

Being tense is defensive,

Learn to yearn for gifts we posses,

Be free to caress.




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