An Abstract Dream Journal into the Subconscious

Published on 4 April 2023 at 15:42

I've always been curious about people's dreams, an interest not many share, I'll admit. Some even find it perturbing to listen to people talk about their dreams, but for me, not so much. I take an interest in the subconscious. 

Dreams are often overlooked, or even ridiculed. Weren't you told as a child "it's only a dream?" Of course you were, that's what we've all been taught to believe. 

That is after all, what the bigger forces at play wanted. Control and conformity, to step away from the unknown and to regress into the safer ways of life, than to explore the unsual. I stand by my thought that all of us have psychic abilities, but not all of us have the power to see.

I can understand why that would scare some people, a misunderstood range of 'different' abilities, but the world is shifting, and control which has been around for centuries isn't the solution anymore. How can you control what you don't understand?

I think that's been the most fascinating part of the past few years, watching the psychic collective grow on mainstream platforms and with it an increase in it's strength.

Dreams are a Portal into the Subconscious Mind

I can't tell you how others see exactly, some people hear things, some see things, but not in this realm, it's more of the subconscious. Other reader’s scribe in the water or use Tarot Cards and some see things in the tea leaves. Not all visions are controlled either, some visions are random, and some even on a larger collective scale. Think psychic downloads. 

Not all readers are privy to one method either, and what or how they see, is not mine to know or explain. I can however share some light on the method that works for me. I am a dream reader. Or rather, hearing about people's dreams conjures up images in my mind. 

I don't read others often, in fact, it was harder to learn how not to read others. Reading people is draining, and I don't just waste my energy on anyone. Although sometimes strangers are the most beautiful of all energies to read. Sometimes people can be magnetic.

My point is, that we've stopped caring about the power of our dreams and with that, we've lost touch with a lot of our psychic state. We've lost how to manifest and visualise. We've lost our ability to interpret the subconscious mind. Our dreams shed light on our needs and wants, and so much more.


Some of us may even be reluctantly avoiding the messages our brain is sending us. It's visually trying to communicate with us, and we just block it out. Or say something like “what a weird dream!”


Even more of us will begin to feel the power of dream state now that Saturn is transiting in Pisces, the water sign of vivid dreams.

Have you noticed vivid dreams over the past two weeks? Or have you at least woken up with that sinking feeling. On some level, you know what your dreams are trying to tell you. 


There are many things about dreams, many negative things that we misinterpret, psychic attacks don't just happen while you're awake, but I'll post more on that later. For now at least, I will focus on the good parts of REM. 

Hidden by public desire, a mystical world in the depths of fire. Orbs that fall, full of grace, despite the moon feeling out of place. How many times have I cried, or lost the world because of blurred eyes?

Hidden from view, the world prevails, steel and timber merged with nature in an era like no other. Painted cladding and the Government collapsing. All these images in my head, why should I talk, when I can sense mysteries of the unseen world. I am a conduit for visions untold...


Make A Dream Journal...

So for the very reason I've outlined above, I think it's so important to create a dream journal, but dream journals don't just have to be in writing. After all, writing is a very logical and methodical way of communicating. 

It's a slow process and while it may help you process the subconscious, it's difficult to get dreams into words sometimes. 

When I have a dream that was vivid enough to remember, or one that just seems to really stand out to me. I like to record voice notes about it. However ridiculous it may seem, or even if it doesn't make sense. I try to recall important aspects such as colour, elements or places etc and any minor details, as these are usually the most important. That's why you remember them.

I then either draw parts of my dreams or use the art of collage to sort of describe what I remember...

A dream journal should be abstract, just like your dreams. While you might wonder why I create a dream journal, it's for more than just a purpose of interest or art. It helps me process things, from my shadow side to trauma and even to manifest my hidden desires. 


Journalling for the subconscious is just as important as being awake, and it is the portal into understanding the psyche of a psychic...


You can add anything, liked dried flowers, sometimes I spray the pages with cleansing mist. Or I use incense sticks or charcoal. Remember this is your journal, for your eyes only, you can let your imagination run wild. 


As there is a Libra full moon tomorrow, the waxing energy of the moon is the perfect time to start a project like this, or of course meditate on the pages you have created. Remember, that after the full moon, the energy is waning which is a less favourable time to start a new project. 

For any readers out there, who are learning or looking to increase their abilities, a dream journal is a good place to start. Let your creative energy flow under the light of the full moon...

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