The Chaos of Eclipse Season

Published on 12 April 2023 at 12:12

The Chaos of Eclipse season is about to start, and with Pluto in Aquarius, the planet of destruction, this could be a pretty wild ride for all of us. Eclipse season is one of powerful change and portals of mystery that open up to shower us with new beginnings. Complex and at times difficult, eclipse season should be seen as it is, a loop of time manufactured by the planets. A galactic time belt of possibility where the universe decides our fate, and shows us what is good for us. 


Of course, with many of us being ruled by ego in this life, sometimes what the universe decides for us can feel painful, if what we get doesn't exactly align with what we want. But trust in the greater light and learn to go with the flow. Remember that difficult times, are rewarded by the universe, with gifts.


I myself, experienced major change during eclipse season last year, which I can only describe as leaving me feeling shell-shocked. I was naive in thinking the eclipse season would serve me, instead what I got was a big dose of medicine for my ego, but I realise now, that it gave me an abundance of time. Time to work on myself and my craft. I am now able to write things of my free will and that is my gift from that eclipse season. What I needed was time, and now here I am, stronger than ever with "come and get me," painted on my lips. 


I don't mean to alarm you, eclipse season isn't always like that of course. It usually marks a milestone or a major event and it could be with someone around you. The full impact might not be on you yourself. It heavily depends on what you've been manifesting, how much inner work you need to do in terms of your self, and of course, how spiritually evolved you are.


In total there are four eclipses during eclipse season. Each one will bring about profound change and ultimate chaos. But my advice is trust in spirit and don't fight the energy. There are also two types of eclipses.


Solar Eclipse


Solar or a sun eclipse is when the moon sits in front of the sun and covers it, either fully or partially. Solar eclipses always happen during a new moon and happen and symbolise welcoming in new things to your life. This could be new people, structures, routines or even moving house. The new is not always a bad thing, it just depends on how you look at it. 


Lunar Eclipse


Lunar or a moon eclipse is when the moon moves in the earths shadow, which blocks the sunlight falling on the moons surface. At this time the moon can appear slightly orange or red. Lunar Eclipses happen on Full Moons and are associated with letting things go. A release of energy so to speak. They release anything that is limiting or preventing us from creating a positive change in our life. 


Spiritually eclipse season is an important time of celestial energies which push and pull us, until we release what no longer serves us. See it as a spiritual cleanse or detox. The signs under which the moons fall also impacts us all, but those with a sun or moon sign in those houses especially.


An Aries Solar Eclipse


On April 20th, 2023 there will be a new moon in Aries, this is of course the second new moon in Aries in a row and a solar eclipse, so this is amped up to the max. Aries, being the first sign in the Zodiac is associated with new begininngs. It is the most powerful time of the year to manifest the new, so I hope you have been working hard to visualise all you want to achieve this year. With the second new moon coming in, and the solar eclipse energy, this night is an extremely important one. One to meditate on and welcome the new in!


A Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


On May 5th, 2023 there will be a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Sign of the scorpion, that quick, painful and ruthless energy to end things. An ability to see what will work for us in the future and what will not. Scorpio full moon's usually pack a punch, but this will be on steroids. Full moons in Scorpio don't always mean an end to a serious relationship, but this is a great example. It's sudden, huge shifts in energy. Scorpio is associated with the Death card in Tarot, which is transformation, rebirth and the end of a cycle. 


A Solar Eclipse in Libra


On October 15th, 2023 we have a Solar Eclipse in Libra, the house of justice and balance. A new moon in Libra, amped up by the eclipse could represent a fairness within society coming into play. A new beginning within the justice system or something to that effect. Equality is a big theme under this new moon and balance will be restored. 


A Taurus Lunar Eclipse


On October 28th, 2023 there will be a lunar eclipse in the house of Taurus. Represented as the Hierophant in Tarot, Taurus has control over their emotions, matter and thought. They have somewhat of a six sense, so this could be an especially turbulent full moon, one that sees us loosing our senses, mind and matter. It could be on a worldwide scale. 


There are also other astrological factors at play during this cosmic shift. The planet Pluto of destruction, will retrograde from the house of Aquarius, humanity, back into Capricorn from June 2023, until January 2024. When Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn, it focuses on the destruction of money in particular, which could lead to huge changes within political systems. The retrograde of Pluto is extremely rare and will be felt on a personal level and as a collective so expect the October eclipses to be the most powerful. 


The Veil of Time


Slowly we roll, 


To an eruption,


Of thick black smoke, 


Covering lines,


Of emulsion, 


Into the void,


Of Cosmic Chaos,


And lit by the embers,


Alive from the fires, 


A new revolution,


To sculpt an empire,


With divine guidance,


In times of blindness.  

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