The Time Warp of the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Published on 16 April 2023 at 13:44

The Mercury Retrograde is happening soon, in the house of Taurus. Stubborn and controlling Taurus has a collective control over emotional state, and material matter, as an Earth sign it is methodical and slow. So interesting energy will flow from the Bull during this retrograde. Time may get a little warped as we slow down, but not in the usual Mercury Retrograde sense. It could feel like we're going backwards at times, the phrase time flies when your having fun springs to mind. Although, it's more likely to feel the opposite.


On April 21st, 2023 to May 14th this Mercury retrograde will take place, a day after the Solar Eclipse and the new moon in Aries. This is big energy for sure and it will feel bold and tangible, followed by the Mercury Retrograde, which could leave us with feelings of a false start. Or rather, a sudden slowing down of energy, which could leave you feeling deflated and flat.


As with every Mercury Retrograde, it's essential to know that a retrograde is essentially an update for the planet. Like an Iphone update. It usually has an effect on public transport and technology in particular, Mercury was the messenger after all. 


However this retrograde won't feel slow all of the time, partly due to the cosmic eclipse portal opening up and partly due to Uranus, which decides to come and dance for a while. While Uranus interferes with the energy of Taurus, it could suddenly feel electric. Like time is sliding past at warp speed. I know what you're thinking, it sounds like a trippy drug trip- well you wouldn't be far off. 


As I've mentioned previously we are currently shifting into a 6D Paradigm. There will be many unusual things happening in the year to come and this is kind of the lube that get's us going. Prepare to ride the bull, quite literally.


While it may all feel disorientating, remember that when the world slows down, it's usually beneficial to us. A time to gather downloads, that may just assist us when life goes back to full speed. It is an ideal time to rest, if possible. Be careful not to over spend during this time, budgeting effectively will be the road to success during this retrograde. 


The Bull


Butterflies of flashing light,

A time warp of the night,

Slowly your feet,

Will approach it,

Like a swap of mud,

And walk through,

Moments of retrospective,

As flashing orbs,

Begin to take flight,

Then suddenly time will feel light,

Flying past at galatic speeds, 

No time to run or chase,

Let the universe set the pace. 


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