The Second New moon of Aries and the Eclipse Portal

Published on 18 April 2023 at 09:47

The second Aries New moon is coming and with it, I have optimism as we move into new beginnings. Explosive eclipse season will begin with a bang this year. With fiery Aries energy moving us into the stratosphere of cosmic possibilities. Remember that what is not meant for us, will pass us by. This is my mantra this eclipse season.

In darker days, eclipse season brought about a fucking intense fear in people. So much so, that people actively wouldn't leave their homes when there was an eclipse. The energy was believed to be so powerful it terrified people. However, I like to believe that humanity has progressed a great deal since these times. Eclipse season shouldn't be feared, like it was then, and especially this year. We have the second Aries new moon in a row to start it all off, and with it there is some beautiful energy coming in.


Manifestion practices under this new moon do not need to be heavy as an eclipse is a powerful and intense energy, and it will manifest for us anyway, whether we want to or not. It's also important to remember that eclipse season pushes and pulls our energy, to make sure we get what we need, not necessarily what we want, so manifesting under this new moon might be problematic.

Instead a light practice such as meditation wouldn't go amiss. A clearing of your energy and mind as we begin eclipse season. Remember this season will feel a little different to last years, as we're stepping into the Time warp of the bull, straight after the eclipse. Time is about to get really odd. Smudging with sage would be beneficial under the solar eclipse, April 20th 2023.


The time that passes from the new moon to the full moon is an especially good time to start something new, you will be bursting with energy and complex visions of capability. With that Aries energy you will feel completely content in doing so, and feel confident about taking bold new leaps and pushing yourself in ways you haven't before. 


The Second Moon


Aries fire,

In dark desire,

Give me the strength,

Of a black Bull,

Four legs of power,

To chase away my foes, 

Aries fires,

Moon light spires,

A spindle to prick,

My finger on,

And be lead by fate, 

Confidence awaits,

For the moon goddess,

In a Comic daze,

Enter the Maze. 




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