The Dawn of Taurus Season and the Pearls of Time

Published on 21 April 2023 at 11:15

The eclipse portal has opened, and with it new beginnings are big and bountiful. As we step into spring, the start of Taurus season guides us into sensuality. The senses are a gift that we must unwrap. Sleepy Taurus starts off with an eclipse, followed by a time warp. The energy of chaotic eclipse season is slightly stifled during this time. We are blessed with the slowing down of time and find solace in the beauty of life.


Bursts of new beginnings spring from times of darkness and mystery, and our vulnerability is the key to unlocking new doors. Remember this mantra, during Taurus season. Peace is found in surrounding yourself in nature, this is especially important during the mercury retrograde. Be careful not to over work during the retrograde, where possible. The energy of the bull, will charge forward, but it is essential to make as much room for rest during this phase. 


Taurus season is a chance for us to recharge after the fires of Aries. Sparks of new beginnings that lined up on the horizon during Aries season will begin to take form in this methodical and grounded earth sign. Taurus like to be prepared so expect to be organised and efficient during this time, although, that pesky Mercury retrograde might reek havoc with those plans. Try and reorganise any important plans for the ending of the retrograde on May 14th 2023. 


A little bit of elegance will go along way in this season. Dress to impress in neutral colours and you could be attracting the right energy into your life. Think timeless pieces like pearl earrings, or anything cashmere darling!

Pearls of Time


This tick of time sips fast,


From aging springs of union;


Black light stone curves, awash.


Craftsmen simply sculpting


Dancing figures split, over rock.


Serpent sand slips in the air,


And palms hold down the moon.


Tears in awe of darkest night,


Ancient eternal glory, bliss;


As the sun rises, up the horizon.


Circa of Crete on your brow it lies


Hidden, like golden lovers, innocent;


China white women of sweet favour,


Affiliated by kind and mellow,


Hazy daze put into Tobacco pipes,


And their pearlescent skin glows.



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