Saturn in Pisces and the Power of Neptune

Published on 24 April 2023 at 18:09

Saturn moved into Pisces last month and will transit in this sign for three years. As an Aquarius, I have found the energy of Saturn grinding. It felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders at one point, so you can imagine how happy I am that the rings of Saturn have released Aquarius. However, as much as I am recovering from this energy transition, Saturn in Pisces will be an interesting transit and one that will effect everyone.


The ruler of Pisces is Neptune and this dreamy water sign, has had a procession of planets dancing through it since the early 2000's. While Saturn in Aquarius was more of a gateway into a new world, specifically one that saw us relying on technology in a way we never have before, Saturn in Pisces will be the grand finale, as we move into a whole new era.


Like I explained previously, serious Saturn is uncomfortable in Pisces. As this water sign is fluid and dreamy, Saturn with it's structured order, will find it difficult to assert itself. This will cause a duality in reality. On one hand I believe that people will wake from a deep slumber, but on the other, people will become ingrained into the fabric of society more than ever before, and not just in terms of AI.


There will be a strong divide within society as Saturn sheds it's light on wrong doings. Saturn likes to correct mistakes and with that Piscean energy, it will feel almost dreamy while it's happening, scandals will be exposed. 


Saturn and the celestial dream weaver, will have a huge impact on deconstructing the art industries, in particular. It will heavily focus on the medicine industries also, any incompetence, negligence or false truths will come to light and this could further divide the opinions of the world. It is an interesting time of duality which started to take feat when Saturn transited Aquarius.


Secondly, what makes the next three years so interesting, and what has made it somewhat of a hot topic in astrology, is the Piscean energy surrounding loosing your boundaries. While we'll have a duality in our reality, somewhat contradicting this, is the sudden lack of being unable to understand where we end, and others begin. There is a shared collective consciousness happening at the moment. You may have already noticed it. Strange knowing's and synchronicities as you feel other's in a deeper way.        


With Neptune being the ruler of the sea, we could see new exploration and discovery of a whole new world unknown to us. Unearthly discoveries could be found in those rolling deep blue waves. Water is a huge theme for the next three years as is the exploration of pressure. Channelling energies from water will be intense, for anyone who reads energy, the time to immerse yourself in scribing with the water is now. 


Other than the mysteries of the unknown world beneath us, there is a lot about water for us yet to learn. Water is extremely sensitive to conscious vibrations. Any wrong doings to the watery world, that has been hidden from us, will spill over, like roaring ocean waves lashing down on the land around us. Neptune may just show us his might. 



A Trident of Tears


The forgotten lands,

Swell in the aura pool,

Of existence itself,

The currents of time,

Sweep me underfoot,

And pull me down,

To wonders unseen, 

By mankind's eye, 

Dark like the night,

Swim to calmer waters,

The salty seafoam, 

And jagged rocks, 

Cut me like a knife, 

The ocean roars, 

All I can do is adore,

A trident of tears, 

Blessed are my fears, 

For Neptune is near.

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