The Rings of Saturn have released Aquarius

Published on 15 March 2023 at 12:47

Astrologically March 2023 is it, man, there are so many things happening this month, it's hard to keep up. There are some major planetary shifts happening. I've taken to Twitter to share all the cosmic updates, so add me on there if you want daily info. 

In terms of my journey with astrology, I guess I kind of feel like its all led me to here, this very month and those spiritual downloads I've been getting recently, are probably more of me being used as a conduit to share all the information. It's a lot to take in, I know. 

Being an Aquarius at the moment is difficult, I'm not going to sugar coat it. In April 2020, Saturn moved into the sign of Aquarius where it has stayed until 7th March 2023, and we all know what happened then. Aquarius is of course the sign of humanity, so of course Saturn had to bring in big changes to humanity, and that it did!

But, being an actual Aquarius, it has been difficult, as we've been the most effected by Saturn. The past two years have felt like a voyage through limbo, essentially a pain matrix. Are you an Aquarius? How much has your life changed in the past two years? A crazy fucking amount right? Yeah, well that was Saturn. 

Saturn is a heavy and grinding energy, it feels like strong magnetism weighing you down, if you're not evolved spiritually, this weight can get crushing, and it can almost feel like the universe is punishing you. Now, while this sounds terrifying, which it absolutely was, Saturn has now transited into Pisces. So at last Aquarius' you have been released from the rings of Saturn. 

Something however, that comes from the pressure of Saturn, is the Saturn Gift. Saturn essentially presses Carbon into Diamonds. So after you have experienced the process of Saturn grinding you down, the gift is, that you are released, being given the ability to be able to withstand anything. Which is absolutely a gift, because something much tougher is coming! As an Aquarius, you are also ruled by Saturn and Uranus, so for two years earth has had a conversation with our ruler.  

Now, with Saturn moving into Pisces, for my Pisces family, for this to happen in your season, is a bit of a mare. It will last three years until January 2026, but remember that this is a gift from Spirit, and it's for the greater good, to assist with spiritual ascension. 

So how will Saturn in Pisces affect the rest of us? Well, the last time Saturn was in Pisces was during the early 90s. We had an explosion of rave culture, we all started doing the macarena and Bill Clinton got confused which increased his approval ratings. Microsoft saved Apple from going bankrupt, and we had slap bracelets, well, until they were banned. 

So Saturn in Pisces is going to affect the way we establish boundaries, we might start to loose where other people start and you yourself begin. It is so important during this time to be clear on what it is that you want. You have to learn to express what your expectations are from a relationship clearly, or it could get really confusing, and you could find yourself loosing part of who you are to your relationships. 

You can also expect political scandals, crazes that we all want to join in with (it has to do with the lack of boundaries) and possibly a lot of drugs. 

Since December 2017, Saturn has been moving through the sign of Capricorn, Aquarius and now Pisces. Which means Saturn has been super charged as we're near the end of the Zodiac!

Saturn in Pisces will feel different however, as Saturn does not like water signs. Pisces is too fluid and empathetic for the seriousness of Saturn. These opposite energies will create confusion and a duality in our reality. Pisces is known as the celestial visionary artist, so expect Saturn to deconstruct these fields. The film industry, for example. 

While the next three years will be challenging, it will not prepare us for the energies ahead, where Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius on the 23rd March, where it will stay for 20 years. The last time Pluto graced Aquarius was around 200 years ago, when the dollar was established!  

If you're a fellow Aquarius, I feel your fear. But, I will post more on that soon. Fear not sweet humanity, we're getting one hell of an upgrade.   



Saturn's Gift


The rings of Saturn,

Have set me free,

And finally I can breathe,

Compressed carbon,

Creates pure diamond,

Dancing starlight,

On the scorched horizon,

Saturn grabs Pisces,

By the hand and takes it to,

New found lands,

But now the orbit of Pluto,

Approaches to destroy,

To completely rebuild,

And start anew,

Dancing with those killer shoes,

Aquarius, the star so bright,

Waiting for the slow burn at night,

Of darkness in those inner desires,

To quell the storms,

In ferocious fountains of fire.

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