Snowy days of Cosmic forces at Play

Published on 10 March 2023 at 09:17

Snow is on the ground once more, as winter roars, diging it's icy fingers into the ground once again. Spring will be a little while longer. All the birds must feel the hunger for the warmth as the winter shows it's frozen heart. 

The daffodils are all closed up and fearing that they've sprung to soon, they sway under the virgo full moon. Which graced us with it's delightful presence. A starlit swoon over the ground so pure, covered with an ice cold blanket.

And then the cosmic forces began to play and the planets danced again. Uranus sits in the house of Taurus, in it's stubbornness, it refuses to move. So Saturn span and moved into Pisces, while Venus daringly dances with Aries. All of these energies are eclectic. 

Venus in Aries brings out impulsive spending, firey conquests and daring visions. You may find yourself chasing pleasures, pastimes or objects of interest. Your taste is craving unexpected exploration of all new conquests.


Stubborn Uranus will stay there longer. It leaves the house of Taurus in 2026 so prepare for this energy to last much longer. One of hardship and struggles with finance, but it still encourages finding progressive ways to make ends meet. Making money is essential to our survival during this time. Think unconventional business methods and innovative ideas.


Saturn left the house of Aquarius and entered into Pisces, this will teach you to embrace your vulnerable and creative side. Be careful not to boast or brag, learn to work in silence. Saturn will stay here until 2025!


Mother Earth

Dancing planets in the light,

Shimmering in the moonlight bright,

Watery planet that springs to life,

Coral shores and electric roars,

Hidden in those waves so deep,

Mysteries of the singing blue,

Every civilisation it once knew,

An eco system down below,

Constellations of bioluminescence,

The essence of creation contained within,

Every living being asks the same question,

Because our hearts feel the connection.



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