I can See Through the Smoke and Mirrors

Published on 4 March 2023 at 13:47

"The female of the species is more deadly than the male."

- Song by Space


I was a 90's babe. I was around when music like that was blasting out of radios. It was a magnetic, bursting with vibrant energy, there were just vibes back then. It's not like it is now, you know? 

Maybe I'm just looking back with nostalgia, or through rose-tinted glasses, but we just don't have that energy around anymore. There was a sort of mysticism back then. The fashion made a come back, but the energy not so much. 

I find it strange that I'm attached to that era, I'm not saying the music was great, it was cheesy as shit, but maybe that was part of it, or maybe it was just my innocence, I associate that era with my being. We're all born into eras. Things are always changing, but we identify with those times because they shaped us. 

Of course, the line of that song originated from a poem that was written in 1911. So you see, everything comes from something, that was already there before. It's like recycling and rehashing the past, over and over again. How many times have we relived the past?


Are we all part of the same thing? I doubt it, I don't think we're one hive mind. That would be creepy. We all have consciousness and decisions to make.


So why are we reenacting the past? Well, I think it's just that we have a nature to reconstruct and adapt as humans. We take something we find inspiring and create something new from that. All of our points of existence have somehow influenced everything we do. 

I know it sounds a little strange, but really life is just a collage. Little pieces of paper torn from magazines and stuck onto pages. At least that's how I see things.


I mean am I capable of anything new? Or has someone else done this before? Am I just walking a path that has been walked before, over and over again.


Of course there's the timeline therory. We're all living in alternate realities, one's that combine together, without us ever knowing. We constantly change realities because we jump from each timeline into another one. A change of fate if you will. That therory seems to have gained popularity with the mainstream and places like Nextflix.

But thinking of that, only makes me think that this life thing, is a hell of a lot more complicated than I could possibly imagine. Or any of us could, how could one human understand the universe? And if anyone told me they did, I'd say that they were lying. How can you possibly understand something that constantly changes? And I mean, how could any of us?


Maybe, I've been getting spiritual downloads recently, but I've been thinking that the energies of the universe are alive. It's like a piece of brain being examined by a microscope in a petri dish. And we're in the petri dish. We're only getting a tiny fraction of the picture. Maybe we're not meant to understand it. Science as we know it is like some 2D print out. Outdated and old. 


When I wonder about the planets, that are all so delicately placed there, I find it both fascinating and terrifying. I know that there's power in the planets. The hum of orbital resonance is the spark of all life. We exist between the song of the planets.

Astrology is gaining popularity recently, which is awesome. But people were studying this in druid times. We lost touch with our mysticism along time ago.


The sheer power of the planets, with their huge magnetic fields, and precisely timed orbits. The grinding repetition and the perplexity of the unknown. It makes me see many timelines, hidden within the mysteriousness of the universe. 


The Earth Said


"The games that players play,


Never will they stay,


I thought I’d found a friend,


In my darkest hour,


Someone to love me, inside out,


Instead, I found a monster,


Only concerned with power,


Just a starving emptiness,


To mirror my perplexed heart,


Complicated and blue,


Goodbye, old friend,


See, I already knew,


I’ve met a hundred people like you,


Broken and empty,


Happy on the surface they seem,


But underneath,


Just shallow shattered plates,


With icy grasps,


You punched the ceiling,


And walked away,


So now I will do the same,


The love that you were,

Not meant to believe, 


Will not be greatly recieved,


No matter how much that you ask me to stay,


Know that I won't float away,


You can’t tie me down,


I am free and I will stand my ground."

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