Rose of Thorns and some thoughts on the Divine Feminine Energy

Published on 22 July 2023 at 08:00

Today is the feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene, so I was inspired to write something on feminine energy. Venus is also going retrograde today, with the nodes of fate changing like clock work, so it's a big day energetically. Spikey energy like the thorn of a rose, vibrant and red as the lips of Lilith. I am feeling the healing energy of this retrograde. 


Perhaps more creatively than anything else, I feel charged in many ways, impulsively, emotionally and raw. The persecution of being a woman is almost a right of passage, and this retrograde just feels angry for everything that is unjust. 


Both Magdalene and Lilith are interesting figures, and I thought the perfect example of feminine energy to discuss on the day of the Venus retrograde. That demonic energy of empowered women must be channelling me today. 


Lilith as we know her today, is often seen as a demonic figure and she's portrayed this way since biblical times. In such, Lilith was originally "created" for Adam, (in the Jewish faith) but due to their incompatibility, she was then replaced by Eve. Since then, she has been villainised, and even portrayed as a woman who stole babies and ate them. While I don't believe Lilith was real, I do however, believe that she portrays a woman who chose freedom over marriage and as such was persecuted for doing so. 


Lilith is also a point in your astrology chart and an important one, so in order to get a full understanding of your chart, it is important not to vilify Lilith as this creates a shadow within. Black moon Lilith is a point in the moons orbit, it's sort of hidden. The mystery of Lilith is in a position that knows her value and self-worth. She doesn’t view herself as inferior to others, and sees no reason to, she is equal. So bluntly put, if you think negatively about the Lilith aspect of your chart, you're likely to be impacted negatively when it comes to your sense of self-worth. 


Lilith was also the first witch, although I highly doubt it, but the first witch that was documented at least, and so having a strong Lilith placement in your chart also has strong ties having the abilities of a witch - and I would guarantee that it is why you have stumbled across this article today. Remember that men absolutely have Lilith placements too. Lilith represents a hidden inner power and it is something that makes you stand up for what you believe.
A better way of putting it I guess, is that Lilith is your shadow side. It is an intense undercurrent of who we are, how we act and what we truly desire. Understanding this is not demonic possession, it is simply learning to love who you truly are. 
But what about Mary Magdalene? What is Venus trying to tell us by going retrograde on this day? Well, in contrast, Mary Magdalene was supposedly one of Jesus' most loyal followers (in the catholic faith), she was also supposed to have been the first to witness his resurrection, but she was portrayed as a sinner for centuries after. However, is it now believed that she was a spiritualist healer, and favoured highly by Jesus. Saint or sinner, she is certainly a controversial figure.
Whether you believe these women were real or not, there is a certain tradition in how women are treated who have unusual roles and abilities throughout history. While I personally regard both of these figures as stories, a lot like mythology, both seem to represent a similar story through the age of time. Witch hunts are very much still alive, within the darkness of this world and this is perhaps why Lilith keeps herself hidden. 
While I personally identify as a Pagan, although I disregard this term, and believe it is simply the way that we experience the world, I cannot deny the damage religion has caused to the identity of women. It fills my heart with such sadness that we have lost the ways of our ancients and have been caught in the narcissistic ways of religion. The word narcist itself even sounds like a snake. I am loving the dark irony and symbology of this Venus retrograde already and look forward to the unleashing of Lilith.

Lilith Babe


Lilith babe with your eyes so bright, 

Writing words of woe, 

As Venus slips into your past,

To fight this broken world,

With fire and War,

Run, before,

The final trumpet is blown,

This battle shall commence,

To rid the earth of pestilence.


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