The New Moon in Cancer and the Shadow of the Venus Retrograde

Published on 17 July 2023 at 13:28

Cosmic blessings for the New moon in Cancer today. We have been blessed with a chance to manifest the new again. As Venus is about to retrograde unusually for four months, we are currently residing in what is called the shadow of the retrograde, a period of time before the retrograde itself. Usually it lasts a week or so depending on the retrograde. 


So the Venuvian energy in the skies over the next few months will be extremely powerful. In fact there are astrologers out there who actually focus on the study of Venus itself. It has an extremely influential energy, even in retrograde. But over the next few months, astrologers are calling this the peak of Venus energy, so I'm excited to see what this energy brings to the table, aren't you?


I must admit a Venus retrograde isn't always a pleasant experience, there are often things brought to the surface of society which are uncomfortable, sex scandals for example. In the UK for instance we've already had the unearthing of one BBC presenter during the Venus shadow. I'm sure more will follow. Saturn is also retrograding in the sign of Pisces, which rules the entertainment industry, so this could give us an inkling into the scale of these scandals.  


We also have a change in the nodes of fate soon. This happens on the same day as the Venus retrograde, which is a little wild I must say, as Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra.


Simply put, the nodes of fate are where the sun and moon cross path's in the sky. The South Node represents the past, this includes lessons we have learned from our past lives and all that we have already mastered. The North Node represents our future, or sometimes referred to as our destiny. The latter is not always easy to embrace, but it will most certainly be spiritually fulfilling, when it arrives.


Our north node is currently in Taurus, and the South node is currently in Scorpio, where they have been for 18 months. This will change to Aries and Libra, so again, just like every month so far this year, we have huge sudden sweeping changes in planetary alignments and cosmic energies. It's all leading us into the new time path that will take effect when Pluto moves into Aquarius in January 2024, for twenty years.


Lastly, the Venus retrograde begins on the 22nd of July, which also happens to be the feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene. A women persecuted throughout the course of history. At this point I'm unsure whether the universe has a dark sense of irony or whether it's just scary symbolism. Anyway, the signs are there, so who knows? Could we see a huge change within society?

The New Moon in Cancer 


So what does this all mean? Well, starting with the new moon in Cancer today, new moons are a time of activation, initiation, creation and go-getting ambition. They are a time to make a start on the new. From adventures to goals, projects and activities, you'll likely be brimming with energy and enthusiasm under the energy of this new moon. We are in the productive phase of the moon after all.


Concentrate on heartfelt desires under the Cancer New moon, especially those linked to family and home. Use the next two weeks of productivity to activate something new and motivating which could become a long term pathway or project.



The Venus Retrograde


Lasting for four months, the Venus retrograde is here to shake things up. A lot of people are expecting the return of exes. Oh you didn't think you were done, did you? How naive of you. Yes, Venus is coming to change things, so get ready for the unexpected. 


In astrology, Venus is the planet of divine feminine energy. The ruler of Taurus and Libra brings about love and art in all it's forms. Whether it is poetry of the soul, jewellery made from the heart or even expressive dance, if music be the food of love, then play on! The metal of Venus is Copper, so wearing copper jewellery during this time is especially auspicious. 


However, above all things, Venus is the planet of pleasure. Wherever she transits, she represents love, attention and money flow. Venus is an archetype of discovery when it comes to pleasure. These things that we are attracted to are not by chance, and the types of relationships we form, are found through our sense of value.


When Venus is in retrograde, issues related to love and money may surface. That abundance of flowing love may stagnate, dry up or run cold. This is what Adele signs about I think. She channels the Venus retrograde. "We could of had it all, rolling in the deep, you had my heart and soul in your hands, and you played it to the thief."


It's kind of normal for love to return to us during a Venus retrograde, or for us to face seemingly unfair challenges in a relationship. Sometimes old lovers will resurface, but not because you are destined to be together, they come back for healing and closure. On a positive note, the tension we experience during these months can help us gain perspective on our lives and address why we fall into certain patterns within relationships.


As Venus is retrograding in Leo our need for attention may feel particularly strong. It is also advisable during this time to not undergo any beauty transformation during this time, as beauty and aesthetics is a strong theme under this planetary influence. It is also advisable not to make major financial undertakings under this influence and wait until Venus goes direct. 


Appease Venus during this retrograde by wearing copper as protection and spend time on yourself. Now is not a good time for new relationships, as our view of the world may be slightly off tilt.

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