Gun Powder Flowers Dancing vividly in the Sky

Published on 1 January 2024 at 16:37


I wrote a poem two years ago, and as we celebrate a manufactured new year, I thought it apt to share. As a Pagan the true new year is celebrated at the beginning of spring. That in my opinion is where it makes sense. Starting a new year during the cycle of winter, where we see decay, death and a barren wilderness of nothing, seems a little strange don't you think? Imagine manifesting a new life in the stillness of winter, where the coldness wraps around you and the escaping heat from your breath is a gentle reminder that you are still here. Is it just me or does that seem a little oppressive once you start to understand manifestation?


Anyway, Imbolc is a way off for now, but that doesn't stop us celebrating, and of course, we had the winter solstice on December 21st. A celebration of darkness and light in equal measures, but one where light begins to triumph, instead of diminish. The solstices are a celebration of light after all.


Light is the power of all life...




Gunpowder Flowers


Gunpowder flowers


Spinning up high,


Distant thumping in the sky,


Folded crimson ribbons,


Dancing in the light,


Magnetised with golden,


Happy faces in the night,


That are all but hidden,


Except for delight,


Fishing for golden haze,


In sparkling showers,


Roman on a glowing midden,


Casting out to the shore,


Blue, Navy and Black,


Until they’re not there,


Not anymore,


Just a smoked imprint,


Chalked in white.


And a red sky at night.


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