The Fire Eclipse in Libra and the Start of a New Cycle

Published on 14 October 2023 at 09:04

The month of October is a chaotic one astrologically. Much of this year has been, but October is the month of many things. Already a time of heightened senses as the viel to the spirit world thins, and the Autumn season sheds it's skin like the leaves of change. 

This season is about intense change and transformation. It is a time for strength and transition, warmth and comfort. And while the physical appearance of this season shows us deeper meanings, October is also the month of double eclipses. 


This year we have the solar eclipse in Libra, which is happening today, followed by the lunar eclipse in Taurus at the end of the month.


The scales of balance are to be adjusted just as Pluto goes direct and ebbs ever closer to Aquarius, where it will reel havoc for the next 20 years. We also have Mercury moving at super speed this month. If you've notice quick rapid thinking recently, or the sudden and intense desire to try new projects, this is absolutely why.


Prehaps this is why I haven't been writing on this blog much. Other than being really busy with life- unexpected travel and a new business I've started. I have been neglecting the craft of my writing to peruse loftyer heights...


So what does this Solar eclipse spell out? Well, as it's in Libra this means over the next couple of years, these sets of eclipses will effect Libra's over the next couple of years. The Scorpio eclipses which were brutal in many ways have come to end. However just because libra is a light and airy sign, don't expect the eclipses to be a breeze. 


Astrologist in terms of the world view, have been prophesising that America will be the epicentre for troubled waters ahead. This is due to a giant X that is being cast over the country due to the ecliptic pattern over the next six months. The X literally marks the spot with the line's crossing over Texas. 

So what could be ahead? War? Possibly. America is offering help to fun Israel. Or could it be UFOs? Prehaps they will land in Texas? There are also commets spelling out another pandemic...

The truth is, as Pluto moves into Aquarius at the beginning of 2024, I truly expect many bizarre things to happen. Whether I agree with any of these theories is yet to be seen. I can only speculate and share what comes to me through my dreams. 

I hope for peace as a Libra rising, but this set of eclipses will surely effect me and put me on a new trajectory in life. As if the Scorpio eclipses weren't life changing enough. I truly stepped into my psychic thoughts and started this blog for example. No longer hiding what I thought. This is just one of the many ways eclipses can change us. 


So as the spirit of Mabon descends upon on, what do I think these 5 eclipses in the sign of Libra over the next couple of years will bring? 

Honestly, big change. The scales of equilibrium are about to be tipped over big time. I see the overthrowing societal structures as we know it. A world leader to be toppled. And as for America, well... 

I have a fond place for America in my heart, but I cannot deny the karma I feel the leaders of it's country are due. There are certainly big changes coming to America over the next couple of years. I feel like they've been hit hard over the past few years, but whether that will balance the scales who knows? 

In my post Pluto moves into Aquarius I said:


Pluto is more about digging up the foundations and completely transforming everything around you. 

Like we're talking a complete re-haul of humanity as we know it. As Aquarius is also the sign of technology, with lightening quick thinking and flashes of electric imagination, we could be seeing quantum leaps with technology. AI might just take over.


Pluto is also the planet of exposing truth, so things could get really interesting. We could see political systems crumble and be exposed to things that have been hidden from us. Yep conspiracy theorists, this is your era to show everyone you were right, although you may wish that you weren't.


I'm talking aliens walk among us, that type of weird-ass Aquarius shit, that you won't even believe is happening. You thought Saturn in Aquarius was bizarre, just wait for this to unfold. I have a few theories and predictions but I won't offload all that at once. Anyway, the slow release of Plutonian energy will begin to plant the seeds of bizarre change during it's transition into Aquarius March 23rd until June 10th 2023.  


Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn from June until January 2024. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, which was the worst financial year in American history. As Capricorn is the sign of power, the retrograde of Pluto from June 11th until January 2024 will have profound effects on political systems in particular. 


Because Pluto's power is strong, but slow, this orbit means these changes will happen, as a permanent change to society as we know it. When Pluto returns to Aquarius in January 2024 we're going into a 6D dimension, so hold onto your hat! Prepare for the optical illusions to be exposed. You'll finally see through the smoke and mirrors, and the veil into the spiritual realm will prevail. "

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