The Tension of the Nodes of Fate and Venus goes direct

Published on 3 September 2023 at 08:05

So we had the largest moon of the year on August 31st, It was a super moon in the sign of Pisces. I was in a little town called Alcudia in Mallorca, Spain. The view of the moon was spectacular, vibrant and shinning vividly in the clear night skies. 


I'll be honest, I've been so busy recently I've found little time for writing. My passion for astrology still burns brightly, but finding the time to fit everything in at the moment is difficult, but it felt good to have a break and bask under the moons glow. Travelling to new places is always an adventure for the soul.


I was kind of overwhelmed by stress and emotions recently, which makes sense under that big huge Pisces moon. I found it difficult to release all the built up emotions I seemed to be carrying, but the moon always finds a way to help you release that which is burdening you. 


This year has been incredibly intense due to the planetary shifts and cosmic allignments taking place and perhaps sometimes you just need to soothe your soul, like a Pisces. August in particular was a difficult month as we had the tension from the nodes of fate when they changed.


Anyway my travels brought me many astrology conformations, not that I doubted it, I just really haven't had much time to study the skies recently. I found myself in awe a few times, it feels like I was guided away from astrology only to find it again!


Let me explain, so the chaos that ensued last weekend was almost laughable, at one point I did chuckle to myself. I broke my golden rule of not travelling during a Mercury Retrograde, and look what happened. Ha! Huge delays on flights across the world due to a technology glitch. I mean you just couldn't make it up, it's text book Mercury Retrograde. Not to mention the other 6 planets now in retrograde!


Luckily, I was only delayed by one hour on the way out but it felt like I was being schooled by the universe. Then, on my first day of my holiday I was caught in the crazy Balearic storm that hit Mallorca, With winds of 120 mph and rain pouring down, heavier than I have ever witnessed. It was perfectly atmospheric and clouded with dramatic Piscean energy, followed by that huge moon, it felt as wild as it was. Like a mirror reflection of my inner turmoil.


As I marched along a Roman wall surrounding the pretty little old town I stayed in, I was reminded of Mars, that god of war. He finds himself currently in Libra, which he doesn't like, as Libra is diplomatic and fair, favouring peace over war.

Without soothing Venus which has been in retrograde for a long time now, Mars has been a little uncomfortable. Maybe that explains the busy life I have found myself in recently. Mars doesn't cope well with having nothing to do and he relies on Venusian energy to calm him. As she hasn't been their I guess he's a little restless.


The good news is that Venus goes direct today (September 3rd) which is good for creative passion! It's probably why I find myself writing again!


Anyway, next week I'll find myself travelling to Italy, to my favourite region Abruzzo. Once more I will be travelling with the planets in retrograde, have I learned nothing you ask? Well, actually I love that travelling can ignite and restore that spark of electric passion. Whether it was watching that booming thunder light up the horizon all day, all of it confirms my reality.


The trip I'm taking isn't for leisure exactly, it's to look for a potentia home, or a second home perhaps, a home from home. Just like the planets shifting, I find myself desiring to move too. The path I choose is uncertain as I tend to live in the moment, but there are exciting times ahead! Could this be the start of a new chapter for me? Stay tuned.

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