Understanding the 7 main Aspects of Astrology

Published on 3 August 2023 at 10:14

In astrology, aspects refer to the angles formed between two or more celestial bodies within a birth chart. These aspects provide information about the relationships, energies, and interactions between different planets, points, and angles in a person's chart.


I thought I'd share the general meanings of each aspect, as astrology can sometimes be a little confusing.

So here are some of the common aspects found in astrology.


The Seven Main Aspects of Astrology


1. Conjunction (0 degrees): A conjunction occurs when two planets are close to each other (within 0-10 degrees). It represents a blending and intensification of the energies of the two planets involved. Conjunctions symbolize a merging of attributes and can amplify both the positive and negative qualities of the planets involved.


2. Opposition (180 degrees): An opposition happens when two planets are directly opposite each other in the chart (180 degrees apart). It reflects a dichotomy or conflict between the energies and motivations of the planets involved. Opposing forces may create tension, but they also offer an opportunity for growth and balance.


3. Trine (120 degrees): A trine occurs when two planets are approximately 120 degrees apart. This aspect signifies a harmonious and flowing connection between planets. It represents ease, creativity, and natural talents, often bringing positive and beneficial outcomes.


4. Square (90 degrees): A square aspect is formed when two planets are approximately 90 degrees apart. It represents tension and challenges, pushing individuals towards growth and change. It can create inner conflicts and may require effort and adjustment to overcome obstacles.


5. Sextile (60 degrees): A sextile occurs when two planets are approximately 60 degrees apart. It signifies opportunities, favourable circumstances, and dynamic synergy between the planets. It represents areas where talents and potentials can be utilized with ease.


6. Quincunx or Inconjunct (150 degrees): A quincunx aspect involves two planets that are approximately 150 degrees apart. This aspect often indicates a sense of unease or discomfort, requiring adjustments and adaptation. It presents opportunities for growth and learning through change and flexibility.


7. Semi-Square (45 degrees) and Sesquiquadrate (135 degrees): These are considered minor aspects that signify tension and challenges, although not as intense as a square. They often bring about a sense of restlessness and motivation to address imbalances or obstacles.


Understanding the aspects in a birth chart allows astrologers to analyse the dynamic relationships between planets and provide deeper insights into an individual's personality, experiences, and potential challenges and opportunities in life. It really is deeper than predicting the future. The starts are absolutely our guide if we want a better understanding of what will come.


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