Drenched in the light of a Solar Eclipse and a Dance with Aries under the Devil Comet

Published on 7 April 2024 at 15:39


Tomorrow the eclipse that astrologers have been discussing in depth will be upon us, and how strange I find it that the media tell us to look upon it. I read several articles this morning  bashing astrology and mentioning  that the superstition of the middle ages is back, while I usually laugh at these notions, to be honest it only filled me with dread. I can tell you that eclipses have long been seen as dark omens, a long time before England slipped back into the dark ages during Medieval times, and this one is a dark omen indeed! It is not fanciful, gripping or entertaining.  It is a dark energy mixed up with the devil comet in some kind of strange turn of fate, thanks to Pluto teetering on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.


The length of an eclipse is usually an indication of how intense the affects of one will be, so seeing as this eclipse is set to last 4 minutes, I would say it is an intense and strong one to say the least!


I happen to look onto an eclipse once, when I was not old enough to know any better and the burning bright ring of fire still burns vividly in my mind today. In fact, I'm sure that I will never forget the very image of it. I remember the day so well,  the hot sun shining down on us and the warmth in the air. I was filled with awe and excitement to see something that I thought was so rare. Of course, now I know much more and that we have eclipse season every year, while they are powerful, they are not unique. But even still, as a child filled with naivety and innocence, it all seemed so unusual.  


It was August 11th, 1999 and I was nine years old. I was stood on the front porch of my then home, and used a black glass sheet to view the phenomenon. They'd handed the screens out at school before we broke up for the summer holidays and our teacher had taught us about not looking at the eclipse directly, so it was encouraged I guess.


There was great excitement during the day of the eclipse as the clear skies made our region in the north of England one of the best places to view it in the country. I watched it all. I saw the full eclipse. I felt the energy change. The temporary darkness and the birds who started to sing because to them it suddenly seemed like night had arrived. I felt the strange presence of darkness which did not belong and I no longer had that excited feeling. 


What followed me after that event was probably around twenty years or so of what I can only describe as walking through hell.  It was like breaking a mirror and being followed by bad luck all this time. Although eclipse energy only is supposed to stay with us for four years, the darkness seemed to follow me  everywhere, and in all honesty, now I am extremely superstitious about eclipses.


That eclipse to me felt a lot like a gateway, but a gateway into what exactly I do not know. Interestingly, it was around this time I started to notice certain psychic abilities, as well as many other changes, particularly with the care givers around me. Everything from my parents to teachers, it was like I walked into a new dimension. I was in a kind of alternate reality, where everything I did suddenly seemed to anger everyone around me. As a child I was utterly perplexed. I felt like I was in the wrong universe and I couldn't explain it anyone. I didn't even trust anyone. I was very much like Alice in an upside down world, and my happiness no longer was a priority, but my survival was.  


I wasn't the only one who watched the eclipse of course, the whole street stood outside on the day of the eclipse. I think it was fair to say that the whole nation stood outside to watch it, if not the world! It was widely advertised and talked about on the news and media.  It's like we were all supposed to view it and I find it strange now that I look back at it. It was kind of the dawn of science becoming a new religion for us all. We all clapped and cheered, but really was this a new kind of darkness? 


Of course, if the idea of the eclipse being a gateway into a new reality was true, wouldn't everyone have crossed into it?  Well, possibly, this could be a probability. Another theory is that it is all completely random. Maybe there are multiple realities at once and we can use eclipses to switch between them? A lot like the film Coherence. 


I can only report how I myself, felt that change. That being said as I've looked into this topic more, I have started to find others who reported the same feeling, and agree that they too have felt a shift in timelines. If you have any similar stories I would love to know more, so please get in touch by emailing: sophie@mysticmusings.co.uk



A photograph of the eclipse in August 1999 over a statue called the Angel of the North in the region of England I describe in my account. This photo to me is really Iconic of what the dawn of this eclipse started. A death of spirituality and the rebirth of a new timeline. Photographer unknown to me.



What's even stranger is the idea of a nation of us staring so intently at something we physically are not meant to look at. Our eyes really are not designed for such things and yet there we were, all following the current trend and staring up at the black hole sun in the sky. It's like we were all puppets. I started to question the conditioning of society after this, although I realised there were very few people who I could talk to about it if any. It wasn't until I watched the Matrix movie that I found some solace in this odd world that I found myself living in.



You can find the path of the eclipse on the map of this 1999 August solar eclipse here. Europe, which at the time included the UK was heavily influenced, as was the middle east. 


The Aries Fire Eclipse of 2024


So, what does that solar eclipse of 1999 have to do with the Aries eclipse of 2024?  Well, simply put, astrology is all about cycles. and I believe this eclipse is the next stage of  that dark cycle that started in 1999.  This eclipse is only partially covering the UK however there are places which will be more affected than others. 


The main ark of the eclipse will be over the USA, New Mexico and Canada with a heavy influence on Texas. It will be interesting to see what will happen over the next six months particularly in  the state of Texas. In the UK, towns with a potent influence - or where the eclipse will be most visible are  Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff. I will be intently watching these places to see what kind of drama will begin.   


As Aries is the sign of war, were are submerged into the notion of conflict being likely, and let's not forget the scale of immigration that has engulfed Europe since this first eclipse. As America is also facing a similar crisis and with Texas being on the border I would assume it fair to suggest we could be seeing a huge crisis to do with immigration or even attacks in these areas. 


As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, there are some hints to do with this strange darkness in the surrounding skies. For example Mercury is currently in retrograde where it will stay until the end of the month. Suggesting returning themes emerging in a mischievous and malevolent way. Saturn which is currently transiting  in Pisces suggests constriction and control around waterways.  We also have Pluto on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn which symbolises the dismantling and deconstruction of power in society. 


Along with all this we also have the dance with the devil comet. Named this because it appeared to have two spiked horns when first spotted, it has actually changed since then and appears to onlookers as a sort spiral now. I think this change or metamorphosis is important to factor in  because the spiral is one of the most symbolic symbols we know. It represents the journey we must take inwards to truly know  ourselves. Why is this relevant? Well it all comes back to spirituality.


Do you truly know your inner demons? Well, this solar eclipse could shower us in a nightmare so that we may finally find out. If you've been lucky enough to work on your inner-self over the past few years, I get the feeling you will be better off than  others. That inner work is about to be thrust upon those that have not. The spiral is a complex journey that can be linked to a vortex because it's a journey that never seems to really end. I can see people being perplexed by this, think of a nasty trip that you'll never get of. Asking the wrong questions will get you nowhere...


I strongly advice not to indulge in the presence of the eclipse and to protect yourself under this cycle. Bathe spiritually and wear white if you want more protection. I personally won't go outside on the day of the eclipse but whether I am protected, who knows? I am after all a solar eclipse child with a strong glimpse of the 1999 eclipse still burning brightly in my minds eye.   


Finally, you should know that magic is in no way advisable during this time. Your spells will not work. The eclipses bring fated change for us, designed by the universe and the universe is not always a nice place.



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