Continuous Curves and the Scorpio Planets in Retrograde

Published on 1 October 2022 at 14:06

There are six planets in retrograde at the moment and I for one are feeling the effects, are you? The great thing about October, is that the retrogrades end. Thank the heavens!

That means astrologically speaking the planets are going to go direct. First Mercury, then Pluto on the 8th of October. This means that the deep subconscious stuff we’ve been working on recently will get a little easier, and with Scorpio energy swooping in soon, it might get a little bit wild.

The 23rd of October sees Saturn going direct, this means decisions will get a bit easier and we can confidently make decisions with the new structures we have put in place.

October is also an eclipse month. This is important because fated moments may start to take place.

We will have an eclipse on 25th of October, destined events of karmic justice may be on the horizon. There’s also one on November 8th so get ready and buckle those seat belts Dorthey, because Kansas is going bye-bye.

Eclipse energies feel intense and tend to speed things up, (now would be a great time to work on social media by the way). So, we’re going from an intense retrograde into a fast-paced fury of karmic events. Don’t you just love 2022?

Not only is the 23rd of October an eclipse, but it’s also a new moon in Scorpio which is of course associated with transformation of energy and rebirth. It represents the beginning of new starts.

Of course, the process of new starts, isn’t always easy, but this energy is set to stay with us for the next 6 months.

Finally, we have Mars going into retrograde on the 29th, which isn’t a bad thing, life may suddenly slow down again, but that dramatic and sometimes violent energy will cease (an end to the recession would be nice).

Then finally hallo's Eve is of course on the 31st of October, which is my favourite time of the year. This year will be special for me, as it marks the beginning of my travels, what better way to celebrate witch season? But more on that later…

Maybe I’m already picking up on the energy. I’m not complaining. I like it. I’ve realised that to be more assertive is the key to success. So, despite those difficult things I’ve had to deal with recently I am moving on. Strong, determined and glowing, all anew as we step out from under the planets shadows.

Scorching Planets 

I wonder how many times I’ve cried,


Surprised by all the times I’ve tried,


To simply try and express my feels,


To hide inside, hidden and raw,


Too many ticking hours have passed,


Learn to live each day as your last.


I wonder how many times,


I’ve had to hide with smiling eyes,


Or laughed at all the little things,


Instead of being buried underground,


Or shackled by stereotypes,


If only life was black and white,




like a picture under a sheet of glass,


Then I would really laugh,


And leave behind unpleasant times,


To places where I felt alive,


The mist behind my veiled eyes,


Capture all the fractured pieces,


In a whirlwind of chaotic feelings.

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