Love is Blind by Design

Published on 14 February 2023 at 08:30

I feel like I’ve been stuck in one of those cataclysmic black holes again. It's Valentines Day. I hate this time of year.

Just when I think I’ve pulled myself out of this darkness, another wave pulls me back down and it starts all over again.

It was all just too distracting, so I just had to take a break from this sinking feeling. I picked up the lighter, and then the wrap. "Fuck it," I thought. There's no going back. 

There were so many things that I wanted to say. but, I didn't. So I took a photograph instead, then I got lost in an oblivion.

Blinded by Design…

Petals of crimson lustrous design,


I heard that love is blind and unkind,


I know that love is cruel, untrue,,


It leaves you glowing and all anew,


I thought I could keep it, grasp it tight,


That golden haze and violet hue,


And it wouldn’t leave me cold again,


But now I’m grieving and in pain,


Love seems to be fleeting, like a rose,


It's petals dropping, slowly decaying,


Lips a deadly shade of cherry black,


Poison I’m drinking from this cup,


It makes me sink into A hidden despair,


Just as I’m dreaming of floating on air


Pretty petals cannot comfort me at all,


Into a catastrophic deep sleep, I fall,


Only to wake with new sight of this world,


Awake I’m unsure of what I will find,


I heard that being blind-sighted is kind,


True, rose-tinted and unfathomably blue.

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