A Song Called Tarot Love

Published on 14 February 2023 at 13:08

My head has been in the clouds, for weeks, I guess my energy must of gotten zapped a little and I needed to replenish and recharge. I don’t listen to my body, even if my brain is in a chaotic fog, I still try to push through it and stay busy.

Sometimes, I wish I would just stop and relax a little, and then I'd recharge much quicker I've already self assumed that I'm a battery.. Exhaustion stifles my creativity. I get frustrated and it clouds my judgement, so, I’ve been trying to listen to myself more if you know what I mean?

I think everyone does this a little, in day-to-day life, from what I've gathered via social interaction, although I mainly use people for inspiration when it comes to writing.

As a society we have to get up. We go to work, when we don’t want to, or we have kids to look after. Our whole lives are focused on going, and less on stopping. We don't connect with ourselves anymore. We don't have time for it.

My creativity feels stagnant at the moment and slow. I was working on a new song for a while, which I called Tarot Love, eventually. It went through many stages. There was a lot of scribbling and re-writing lyrics, it’s still a very rough first draft…

Anyway, reading through my note book today I realised that it made a good poem, so I thought I’d share it.

Love Shock…

Sucked into your black magic

It’s a toxic love shock,

A cathartic whirlwind,

Of incoherent delinquency

You’re my misfit,

My darkness lifted,

Or is embraced?

Leave without a trace,

I’m the Hierophant,

Always relevant,

A temptress, an empress,

Of illusion, Confusion,

We could do this,

Make it simple,

You’re the emperor,

I’ll be your fool,

Patience, Temperance,

Hold me baby,



Striving and incomplete,

We have chemistry.

We’re all bad aren’t we?

Don’t you want me?

You’re the devil baby,

And now you know it.

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