A Star Gazing Aquarius Aura

Published on 7 February 2023 at 10:27

I woke up and the wind outside was wild, roaring past the house and lashing in every direction. I love when the weather is like that, it kind of reminds me of myself, but then again, it is Aquarius season, the rebel of the zodiac,

the trailblazing warrior spirit, the free thinker and the star card of the tarot. I’m unapologetically an Aquarius and I'm arrogant about it too, I know who I am.

I'm Aloof, made to stand out, stubborn and eccentric, it’s just who I am, but obviously, I wouldn’t have got this far without my stubbornness, so you know, it’s not all that bad…

Where is this? Who knows? Halfway to somewhere. All I have is passion driving me with an unsatisfiable ambition at the wheel, think fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Visualisation can only get you so far in this world, they rest is pure luck. It just depends on where you're born on the zodiac wheel. but life requires action, well if you want to reach for the stars anyway, and I'm a go-getter..

All I have is my determination. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices along the way to follow my dreams, I’ve given up my riches and the drama, in search of more, and I'm just simply following the stars.

Gazing in awe at the fire that’s ablaze in the night sky, burning so vividly in the dark. I am a visionary and a poet. A song mistress enraptured by darkness. I have that same fire in my soul, so I guess I'm also made of light.

A water bearer can quench your thirst and wash away the uncontrollable wildfires. I am A paradox, untameable, but calm. Warm like a tropical sea or deep and stormy. Eccentricities define me.

The humanitarian, the independent wander, the thought stoker of a thousand visions, and sometimes you wonder why I am so quiet?

You can’t tie me down, bottle me up or define me, I’m almost alien, and yet delightfully refreshing. A breath of fresh air. Humble, reserved and a walking contradiction. I was born to be the Aquarius for a reason. A wild child, caring for the humankind.

I have a difficult path to walk, shine bright My Aquarius', be unique, be yourself, you are the Star after all…

Visionaries  of the Age 


I’ve often wondered about the world,


How many times we’ve cast aside,


Unconditional love in search of pride,


Keeping us safely bonded and protected,


Away from harm’s reach, but, that isn’t my fate,


My heart it starts to spreads it’s wings.


How the intricacies in the tapestry of life,


Are so delicately balanced and defined,


To shape us from this moulded clay,


Shapeshifting in the light of the divine,


Walking with us to pour the water down,


The waves they smash through hard rock.


and follow me in the darkest night,


inspire Me not to fear the path I tread,


instead encourage me to go further,


ambition drives me but also guides me,


blindly. everything is temporary after all,


for I know that nothing lasts forever


in this life I'm only sleepwalking,


in a psychic minefield,


My chance at this life is a gift,


I know that I won’t waste it.


Every experience is a chance to change,


And after the darkness falls the rain,


again, In the end there's a euphoric vision,


A shinning metallic prism,


Glistening like hot pink skin,


in a wild collision.

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