Freya the Snow Goddess, a sensual Ice Warrior

Published on 31 January 2023 at 12:20

I stepped out this morning on that thick blanket of rich icing, the one that had powdered the ground beneath my feet. Ice fractals were cascading down all around me, This was the aura of winter. As my feet crunched over the snow crystals, I was reminded of the Goddess Freya with that chill.

This year I have found myself enjoying isolation a little more than I used to. While I’ve always been content on my own. I suppose I viewed it as something negative. However now, I realise that spending time alone is actually a method of self-care. It’s a way of healing, protecting and clearing my mind.

Sometimes, life needs you to make a change, just like that thick luscious carpet of white snow, that covers everything in a fresh perspective. A porcelain backdrop in the coldest season. A photographer’s dream. So of course, I couldn’t resist the urge to grab my camera and take some photographs in that fresh powdered goodness.

I’m not exactly myself recently, and I guess I wanted to capture that feeling of finding comfort in being alone. I see it as a Gift, I feel safe without company. I am able to be free, addressing and reassessing anything in my life that needs change. Perhaps that tells me that I still feel control around me. I still feel the influence of society crashing down on me, so I have found strength in that icy nature of mine.

But I worry that in the process I have become partially frozen because growth can only happen when we step outside of our comfort zone and I am truly comfortable right now, but now I wonder if it’s time to thaw?

I’ve worked through a lot of healing recently, and it’s been tough, but I don’t want to stay an ice queen. A warrior needs her army.

I like Freya, she was a powerful sorceress, who was ambiguously free. She had the power to shake the homes of the Gods when she was angry, and she cast hexes on her foes. But she charmed and entertained many.

The most desired Goddess, for her beauty. She was free loving in a sixties kind of way- and we like that sort of vibe on this blog.

The debates out about whether Freya was a harlot, but I think the idea of a sexually free woman was probably besmirched by later traditions that were interpreting Norse mythology.

the goddess of love was definitely one thing, however, and that was wild. She rode on a Chariot pulled by cats, inspiration for the chariot tarot card, for all my mystics out there.

She connected deeply with birds of prey, that were ever-flowing above her, they kept a watchful eye. She was promiscuous and ultimately, she chose lovers for herself, which is unusual for mythology, you have to admit, she was a mythological bad-ass.

Freya was a popular witch, and a powerful one, so I thought she’d be the perfect inspiration for my winter witching post, the snow goddess.

The Snow Harlot


Freya bringer of darkness and light,


With an ice-cold heart of pure delight,


The goddess she spurns in the snow,


Winter solstice of paradise pearls lost,


Golden tears that fell once have dried,


Making a perished land fertile and rich,


The kindness she feels comes with a cost,


Be careful not to get bitten by the frost,


A million snowflakes in a white blanket,


Each one is the same in an ocean of ice,


Crystals that crunch beneath her feet,


A chilling presence, cold to touch,


finding peace on a blanket of snow,


She makes herself known this day,


Before the reckless storms will play,


The ice queen is waiting for her prey.


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