The Cold Moon of Potential in Sagittarius Season

Published on 6 December 2022 at 12:35

life has been a little hectic this Sagittarius season since I returned from travelling around the beautiful Italy. While it was well deserved break- life came crashing back, like giant cymbals in a thunderous fashion when my feet returned onto the soil I am bound too.

Traveling is like that, it gives you a quick release from all the pressures you have to face in life, but it doesn't take them away.

While I made some memories I'll cherish, I'm sure for years to come, returning home has brought a cataclysmic sort of pressure. I don’t have time to write- or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

Sometimes, I’m reluctant to write. Maybe it’s the lack of time, each day at the moment is like a ticking time bomb, explosive and stressful- full of chaos. Life here is like that. We’re not seasonal like it is in Italy, we’re full-time stress all year round. Through into the mix the fact that you're a writer and well, it's nothing short of a break-down waiting in the midst.  

finding the motivation to do something creative, during all the hectic rushing around and being organised to do it, are two different things entirely. The thing is, I know myself by now, and if I don’t do something creative soon- like write down my feels or even some poetry, the next couple of weeks are going to get complicated.

Still, I’m powering through, somehow, under the light of the Cold Moon. Determined to manage myself in a whirlwind of wild. I’m starting to think that I thrive in the chaos, you know?

The Cold Moon, also known as the cosmic climax happened on the 7th December 2022, A full moon that resurfaced all the drama this year had to throw at you. It was a powerful moon in the sense that any of the baggage that you'd been carrying around, well, lets just say you were prepared to dump it.

as you start to look ahead, that moon was focused on reflection, healing and finding the time for your freedom loving and mysterious future.

the last full moon of the solar year always packs a punch and it rises during the darkest part of winter, so, I’m not surprised things have been a little wild recently. I mean to be fair, Sagittarius season usually is, right? That freedom loving pesky fire archer.

Fire is symbolic of winter of course, it’s a way of cleansing auras and space, but also, finding warmth and comfort in that, you should know that you don't have to carry that baggage.

Now would be a great time to do some shadow work healing and take time personally to dive into introspection. But It's a shame that I don't have time for that, because I know the universe will make me find time for it if I don't. Think the Tower card in the Tarot. I dread being busy. My creativity should always come first.

With Mars going retrograde, simultaneously- the planet of conflict, I guess it might be best to avoid battles where possible, or at least pick fights wisely. Don’t let your words be fuel to the fire this December, Sophie. "Whatever it is you want to say, don't say it."

Anyway, it’s not all bad, the full moon is in the house Gemini this month- which is flirty. And seeing as we’re in the realm of Sagittarius season, this time of year is usually optimistic, enthusiastic and adventurous, even if a Sagittarius is a little too fast-paced for some.

The Fire Archer

Bold and wild glowing locks,

Fall beneath the stars so neatly,

Cascading down her back,

A waterfall that lashes down,

Over curves sculpted into rock.

The fire archer raises her bow,

And fires the final shot,

Coldly grasping at flames alight,

The hunter finds her prey,

She lit the bow so many could eat,

And finds freedom in the day.

Wildly he flows through the river,

Unburdened by the shore,

No anchor will keep him bound,

And armoured he finds the fall,

Falling freely he can’t be tamed,

Adventurous in spirit and in name,

Be careful of those jagged rocks,

They lie hidden and cut deeply,

Snowy ripples of water swell closely,

The elixir of life contained within,

Drink it slowly and follow the smoke.

A Sagittarius needs to be free only,

Or fire archers will leave you lonely.


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