The Full Moon of Capricorn and the Cazimi in Cancer

Published on 1 July 2023 at 15:41

It's July 1st and today there's a Cazimi in Cancer, while there's a dance between the planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. This portal of good luck is an important one. A Cazimi is where a planet's orbit is within 1 degree of the Sun. When this happens the planet, in this case Mercury, is in an enchanted state. As Mercury rules the mind, this Cazimi shines light on our mind.  

As it's Cancer season, which is the cardinal sign of the moon, we are in the part of the Zodiac that represents mystery. Hidden feelings and deep roots take hold during this phase. It tends to bring to the surface things that are often hidden in the watery depths. Unfathomable emotions arise and we may feel things intensely. 


The dark side of the moon represents the emotions that we don't always know are there, plus it's a fucking amazing album. Anyway, on July 3rd there's a full moon in Capricorn happening, so the energy building up to a full moon is amped up during this time, that full moon magic is plump. Are you ready to start collecting what you have manifested?


A Cazimi and the pattern of the planets created in the sky, are often described as good luck. I guess in the days of ancient Greece, astrology was more of a mathematical study. Imagine planning out all the places of planets on a map, and using equations to work out the exact degrees of the planets, only to discover a Cazimi! This would have been something to let those in charge know about.


So, a Cazimi is something to get excited about. But why? Well, the astrology map that I'm looking at looks a bit like a butterfly, two triangles oppose each other. I know that butterflies are a sign of transformation so I take this to represent change.


I wonder what Ancient Greece would have made of our technology today? They'd probably wonder why we hadn't progressed much, but revelled by how easy technology makes things, even so, we should know more by now, instead of having to re- learn an ancient art form. 


We get six Cazimis a year and they are associated with spiritual downloads. They are usually a sign of change within our internal and external worlds. As this Cazimi in Cancer involves Mercury, ruler of the mind, this is where the download comes in. 


There are also some asteroids in the Cazimi, such as Shiva the destroyer, which is drenched in divine masculine energy. It represents burning down what we no longer need so that we can start again.


The star Juno is also in there, the goddess of money and marriage, so putting it bluntly it could mean a sudden end to a relationship, or quitting a job, only to stumble into a new one that's much better. 


On a global scale we could see political turn overs or a government coo coming to an end. An end to the war in Ukraine would be nice, but who knows? As Mercury is a mute planet and it only communicates with the mind, it's hard to say... 


The Cazimi is not a bad energy, it's more like an ah-ha! Eureka moment. A flash of inspiration which leads to change, but a change that's for the better I guess.  

Not all signs will have be splitting up, or quitting their job, so don't worry, it's more that you'll have a dash of inspiration and possibly a nice little win. I wish you the best of luck for this lucky portal. Remember to be open to the universe to reap your rewards. 


A good practice on the 1st of the month to attract wealth into the home, is to place cinnamon on your hand and blow it through your front door. Burning candles and taking action is also wise. Happy witching.



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