Enter the Dragon with an Abundant Full Moon in Virgo

Published on 15 March 2022 at 12:07

I’m bursting with energy and the fever of a dragon this morning. I’m not sure whether it’s the change in seasons or the start of a new lunar phase but, I am more determined than ever. I was reading about dragons this morning and their symbology in Chinese culture and they seemed fitting for what’s ahead.

Thought to be lucky, powerful and to attract wealth the dragon is a perfect symbol for the full moon on the 18th of March in Virgo, so get ready for your career to take off- as long as you’re soaring for new heights, of course. It won’t just magically happen without any effort, unfortunately.

As this moon is associated with the 10 of Pentacles in Tarot, the next few weeks are set to be looking abundant financially…

Of course, there are negatives about the Virgo moon, thought to be a fragile lunar phase -be careful to set clear boundaries with loved ones, taking time out time to indulge on yourself. Also, beware of overworking and don’t become a self- sacrificing martyr! Your time is important.

Be careful with addictions too, as you might just fall down the rabbit hole, Instead try spring cleaning and meditation. This is sure to take your mind off things!

I was thinking this morning about one of the comments that came my way when I first started my blogging journey.

“What a rubbish role model you are for your daughter…” I think he was referring to the attention I was getting on social media, implying that I couldn’t be a strong role model because I was looking provocative? I kind of get it, but in all honestly, that’s just me. What was I supposed to do? Change my personality?

Unfortunately Aquarius’ don’t change for anybody and we are unapollagetically ourselves at all times (we’re also extremely stubborn), so all the hate is kind of the fire in my belly that keeps me going.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m used to it now, to work online you have to have thick skin- a lot like dragon hide. Still, I thought I’d mention it because it seems to be prominent in my mind at the moment.

I also want to point out that you absolutely can be a strong role model for your daughter and work online- and looks have nothing to do with it!

What I find interesting though, is that it’s those opinions of others that kept me stuck for such a long time. Stuck in one place and not realising I had so much more potential, consistently settling for less, working for minimum wage etc- they all came from the same place, other people’s opinions.

I lost touch with my inner fire, strength and abilities, I dulled my shine and cowered in the corner while I let people consume my energy and essentially use me!

When you stop listening to what people think you- you find your ferocity. You realise your power and true potential!

So I am releasing my inner dragon, under the full moon in Virgo, to see what I can find…


A Dragon Spirit


I’ve soared to great heights to feel the climb,

Then plummeted to great depths to hide,

I feared the people that lived in the small town,

Who treat me like I was just a clown,

I felt the inner fire in my belly rise,

And watched as they rolled their eyes,

Then I began to hide and cower once more,

My attempts only made the town’s people roar,

Shuddering in a cave to shelter from the rain,

I tried to breath my beautiful fire again,

But this time I just simply spluttered,

As time went on I began to learn,

And felt the burn of wanting to soar,

But then one day, to my great surprise,

The strange fire I spat ignited into flames,

The power I found made up for all the pain,

Stretching out my wings once again,

Up I rose magnificently, as one of a kind,

The only power I needed was in my mind…


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