A Wild and Tantalising Change

Published on 4 April 2022 at 19:37

I was having a bath this morning and this little poem just sort of came to me. I always feel charged in the bath. There’s something about being in the water that helps me clear my thoughts and think.

Anyway, I was mulling over some thoughts. As an air sign I get stuck in my head a lot but I’ve been listening to a lot of talks recently about soul searching and letting go of fear, so I think this little poem came from that kind of thought process.

One of the talks I was listening to last night talked about healing. It was all about finding that younger self. That person who you were when you were unable to take care of yourself, relying on others for guidance and finding your inner child in your mind and holding them tight.

The aim was to picture your younger self, hug them and tell them that you love them, that you are there for yourself and that everything is okay. I liked this idea so I closed my eyes tight and pictured my younger self.

I was six, I was chubby, I was at my grandmother’s house wearing a green apron, the one I used to wear when I helped her with cooking (no wonder I became a chef) and I walked up to her, hugged her tight and told her it was okay, that I was there for her, that she grows up to be an amazing person and that I love her.

Deep stuff. I slept deeply last night. I woke up feeling at peace with myself and full of energy. I felt loved and confident. Maybe this whole time that’s all I needed, to love myself.


A Beautiful Thing 


I’m on the plateau of another paradigm,

And everything I’ve spent my life envisioning,

Is about to come into fruition,

It’s like there’s a buzzing or something,

Some kind of kinetic energy,

That’s buzzing inside of me,

That is about to happen,

I’m on the brink of it,

Taking my first step to something magical,

And when I get to that plateau,

It will be the most beautiful transformation

All I needed was a little patience.

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