Don't let Social Media Steal your Voice

Published on 26 April 2022 at 14:59

With the ground breaking news of Elon Musk and his controversial purchasing of Twitter, I just had to write a post. What a phenomenal turnaround. Just when we’d got to a point of a thousand Facebook ads, the sudden influx of cancel culture and a cesspool of opinions that only counted if you followed the herd- here comes Elon Musk to remind us that change is possible.

I’ll be honest I wanted to write a post about the dark side of social media for quite some time, mainly because I wanted to share my opinions about censorship. But now it seems like an easy feat.

Suddenly we have this shift in the paradigm, a place where free speech is going to be honoured and that feels amazing, but it also raises some questions. Just how much have we been censored? Why have we been censored? Do we really express our own opinions on social media?

While social media is amazing, I love what it’s helped me to achieve, there has always been this question in my mind.

It’s like a glass marble rolling quickly towards an infinite glass barrier that we have all been existing within, finally shattering the illusion that we have all become comfortable with.

While I could talk about this all day, and will probably post more on the topic, firstly I wanted to look at something important. Why is your voice so important?

Your inner knowing is what we speak with our voices, at least that's what we should speak. Of course, many of us don't because we're ruled by an ego but your inner voice is important, even if you're out of touch with it. It takes practice and a great calming of the mind to find it and channel it.

It requires patience and solitude. 

Was it easy to find my inner voice? Hell no. Everyone that was used to me being a push over was not accepting of the new me (I think in all honesty that’s the hardest part of change- the people who surround you). I started to realise I was surrounded by negativity.

After resisting a lot of temptation to climb back into my protective shell, I finally grew a pair of -wings, let’s say. It took determination and shedding a lot of conflicts, to finally step into my confident self that I am today, but I did it.

Only then did I find my inner knowing. It told me to voice my opinions, and once I started, I kind of couldn’t stop. Beyond self-healing, it gave me the freedom to explore my thoughts openly.

Don’t let people steal your voice!

It sounds selfish, but ultimately you are the most important person in your life, and you should really focus on yourself as much as you can. All too often in life, I have noticed that your voice is easy to steal, whether it’s down to jealousy, resentment or personal projection, we’re all fighting to be heard.

Of course, where they are in life is none of your concern and yet we are all existing in a censored fantasy world. I wanted to kindly remind you today, not to let anyone steal your voice.

Remember that your voice doesn’t just encompass sound and speech. You can express your voice in many ways.

You see we all have an inner truth that is unique to us and coded into the blueprint of our woven tapestry and delicate beings. We are capable of so much more than we take the time to imagine.

Strength is having the courage to find your voice. Courage is having the strength to take your voice back. In all honesty, I think that’s what Elon Musk has done for us. He has taken back our fundamental freedom to express who we are.

Your voice is a powerful force. We all have one to express our thoughts and reflect our true inner vision. We have the ability to manifest our vision into reality.

We hold the key to unlocking our inner knowing. We are born into this world as one complete person. So why then at times do we feel so incomplete? As we continue to grow and walk this world, life is challenging, but even more so if you can’t express who you truly are.

Our survival instincts are not the same anymore. We no longer hunt animals or forage for food. We don’t feel the dread of winter coming or of the cycle continuing.

How we choose to survive now, is to find a way to fit into the system, adapt, be like everyone else and follow the grand plan.

“Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”. Even if the plan is horrifying!”

-The Joker

We learn to block out our voice and learn not to listen to ourselves. We choose to override our wants and needs so that we can chase money instead. We focus on status and likes, instead of our authentic selves and choose to mould ourselves in a way that will make other people like us.

We are afraid to be unique, different and unconventional. We have learned to obey, follow the rules and stay true to the unfathomable mould that has been created for us.



So, I decide to make a stand, I choose my self-worth over money and I am worth any chaos that I can create in this world. I fully commit myself to the shattering of the grand plan.

For far too long have I put up with other interpretations of this world, which made me feel conflicted and misunderstood. Other people’s drama's have been the focus of my life. I have sacrificed my short amount of time on this earth to please others and have tried to fit into a mould that does not fit me.

My voice is what defines me and make no mistake that it is feisty! It is my protection in this strange world. I can set the boundaries I need around me. I can use it for warmth, I can share love and encourage others to be themselves, I can use it to sing, to shout and for scorn.

The endless freedom we have within is truly boundless and authentic to ourselves- so ask yourself, why are we being censored?

Your voice is so powerful. Use it!

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