The Energetic Solar Eclipse Season

Published on 2 May 2022 at 15:58

I love gazing out into the water, it soothes my thoughts. There's something so therapeutic about the sound of water bounding onto the shore. I adore finding those moments of calm during the stormy sea of life, especially at the moment, during eclipse season.


The first solar eclipse happened on April 30th 2022, it marked the start of eclipse season, a celestial event that is sure to start bringing sweeping changes to our lives.


The eclipse season lasts around 6 weeks and it's a great time to feel a surge in energy, but it can also be highly emotional and a little intense. Think of it as a cosmic reset to help us find balance and deeper purpose in our lives.


Eclipses occur when the sun, moon and earth align. The nodes of our star signs also align to make fast-paced and sudden changes to the dynamic of our lives.


These changes have long term effects on us, so it's important to find time to slow down and ground yourself during these events- otherwise, it could all be a little overwhelming.


Don't fuck with my Energy


I’ve always been a dreamer,


A wild kind of don’t believe the hype type,


Wandering through this life,


A zephyr with a zesty temper,


I believe in kindness,


I desire so much,


Someone told me once,


That ” You can’t bottle the changing seasons,


You should look for life’s deeper meanings”,


Sometimes I forget that I hold all of this power,


If you let them,


People will take it from you,


Or worse than that,


They fake it,


Imagine that?


Pretending to be an entirely different person?


That sounds exhausting.


So, look after your own energy,


That is not selfish.


Listen to yourself,


What are you saying?


I say, “I think I’m a bit crazy.”


So when life gets tough,


I like to keep hidden,


But the truth is,


If you hide away,


People fill in the blanks,


To tell you exactly who you are not,


And then you get into all sorts of trouble.


You start to believe what they think,


That’s when you need to take


A long hard look in the mirror.


One day,


I’ll meet someone that’ll show me people can be different.


Until then, I choose to listen.


Not to others, but to what I have to say.


I talk to myself kindly so that I can shine brightly.


I feel the anxiety and that I am not good enough,


Of feeling never quite right.


And when the waves of darkness wash over me I get up,


And I choose to fight…

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