Jupiter enters Taurus for an Explosion of Expansion

Published on 15 May 2023 at 20:24

Giant splats of brightly coloured paint land on the wall in an abstract fashion.  I want my walls to burst with vibrant colour, and those shelves I keep meaning to put up, need to be hung. Jupiter enters Taurus tomorrow and I am excited about this transit. Big, bold and expansive Jupiter has the Midas touch, this transit is swinging in like the roaring twenties. Think flappers, excess and with all the trimmings.


The Great Gatsby of our era is arriving and with it expect bountiful change and decadence. Taurus the sign of comfort, senses and pleasure is getting an explosive Jupiter sized expansion. Less looking through the microscope and more the magnifying lens. Exciting times for the road ahead. This transit will last until May 2024. 


So what can we expect in the months ahead? There are a few major transits throughout the year which will of course have an effect on this transit, but for the main part this is a good energy. The first two months will prepare us for something, for example we could be noticing things building more easily, such as savings. We might find it easier to save money due to the untying of the emotional knots and blocks that were caused by a triple Capricorn transit in 2020.


These block have made it difficult to do anything, really. It created negative blocks in our minds to keep us stuck. Just like the energy of the Devil card in Tarot, the Devil keeps us bound to it as it desires control, however the two people who stand in front of the devil in chains, simply have to lift the chains to free themselves. In this way they are bound to him only in illusion, an illusion of the mind. So mental blocks have been a huge hinderance over the past three years. However, Jupiter who is now arching over us in Taurus comes to remind us that chains can indeed be broken, and with ease.   


Due to the sudden free thinking and realisation that we are only stopping ourselves you could just notice it getting easier to make money or save money. You could start finding new and creative ways to make money that had not occurred to you before. Less surviving, more thriving as Jupiter expands our wealth, Just one of the many things Taurus rules. 


Sensual pleasure seeking Taurus of an earth bound and dreamy nature, let us not forget your taste for food. Yes food will be huge during this transit. Just as Jupiter can expand things rapidly it can also decrease rapidly, so things such as diets may suddenly become easier, even enjoyable. Your health might be getting an almighty upgrade. But, be aware of diet during this time. It could easily expand you.


The food industry will benefit greatly during this transit. Jupiter expands everything it touches after all. We could see the birth of a new food giant, such as Macdonald's. This started in a Jupiter - Taurus transit in 15th April 1955. As did Apple Mac 1984- so who knows what kind of giant is waiting in our midst?


Dreamy nature loving Taurus. Your green fingers know no bounds. Green will be plentiful and ripe, mother Gaia will smile with delight. We could shift into a period of rest during the next phase of the transit. No longer struggling to make ends meet, we could have a sleepy phase. Snooze until noon and enjoy those lavish comforts that you absolutely deserve. We may begin to process what we have just survived.


Organic food may become easy to obtain and in vast quantities. The fertile land will produce new fruits and with it our energy, health and lifestyles will get an upgrade. The philosophy of earth will develop. 


Finally this period of rest will prepare us for the explosive major and transformative change coming in 2024, so enjoy this transit. Taste the delights of the earth and hear the beauty of bird song. We have earned this retreat. Embrace the the senses of energy and matter all expanding together.


A good practice during this time would be to connect with the earth. Gardening and flexing those green fingers will be auspicious during this time. Wearing the colour green will be beneficial also. Remember that wealth attracts money. But blessings may also have consequences. 


Gaia in green


Mother Earth, 

Mother of Pearl,

An Emerald ore, 

Of lime topped trees,

Bursting with leaves,

An abundance in food,

A feast for the senses, 

Olive, juniper and Sage, 

To cleanse the skin,

Of a glowing body,

Stepping on wet moss,

Too busy being lost in awe,

Gazing at the stars,

Pick a shamrock,

Next to a rolling stone, 

Find your new home,

Bite into a juicy pear,

But beware,

All that glitters is not gold, 

This expansion will be bold. 

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