The dark ark, A Rare Grand Cross in the Sky

Published on 24 May 2023 at 16:00

Today marks the final day of the Grand Cross, that currently sits in the sky. Tricky energies surround us at the moment and the shadow may still be felt for a few days after. I have found this transit challenging but, I know it is for my greatest good. 


On the 17th of May 2023, we saw Pluto, the planet of destruction, squaring Mars. The underworld meets the master of warfare. Fiery hot tempers arose from this energy while Mars realises it cannot get what it wants. Essentially Pluto has been restricting Mars, the god of war! All crossed with the energies of Jupiter, which of course makes everything bigger than it should be.


This is causing extreme conflict and anger, maybe even violence. Particularly by the Mars influence, who is facing restrictions from Pluto. Mars does not like this and in all it's rage, is spitting out molten venom.


Explosive and volatile energy has been transiting in the sky during this extremely rare astrological event which will end today, May the 24th 2023. An energy that we haven’t seen in our lifetime. I'm interested, have you noticed this heavy and burdensome energy? Comment below.


Mercury has left retrograde and has gone direct, but peculiarly this energy is so heavy, the shift has felt unnoticeable. As today is the final day of the Grand Cross however, we may notice that things begin to speed up soon.


While things may have felt uncomfortable for a while, better energies are on the horizon such as the Sagittarius full moon. An energy that I for one, cannot wait for. The relentless grind of the past few weeks have pushed me into a paradox., I thought I was done on this healing journey of mine, but apparently not. 


Just know that this Grand Cross was designed for our spiritual growth. There are certain variations of planets that offer protection during this transit too. We have all been protected, but from what? In all honesty I'm not sure. Another war perhaps? On a global scale, this tension and violent energy is certainly having an effect. Whether we have been protected from a worse off fate, we have yet to see. 


On a personal level, this Grand Cross has caused conflict, intentionally. Perhaps the strangest of all, but most importantly, it has stirred conflict within ourselves. Just as the time warp of the bull slowed down our reality and made everything a little slower, from that we've entered the Grand Cross, which has separated our past and future selves. So we have essentially been co-existing with both our past and future selves, right here in the present. This has been conflicting in the sense that we have to realise we're not the same person anymore. 


Like looking into a mirror of a perplexing nature, this almost frightening reality check has been designed for our acceptance as we move forward in this life. With the energies finally clearing, now could be a good time to indulge in self-care. You have just been through a lot, perhaps the biggest wake up call of your life. Learn to focus on you. You must replenish the energy within.    


The Grand Cross


Breathe in, then out, 

Now shout "get out!" 

Dance slow,

Be bold,

Watch the resentment unfold,

Release the past, 

Untie the chains, 

Be Blessed,

Find freedom again.

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