A masterful Sagittarius Full Moon of expansion

Published on 3 June 2023 at 17:41

The mighty Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius is happening on June 4th 2023 and while full moons are usually about attaining what you have manifested and releasing your emotions, this full moon is slightly different. 


As the sign of Sagittarius focuses on expansion, that could be expansion in terms of travel, or even spirit, it would be safe to say that this full moon will of course encourage adventure. But, this big bold moon, is more than that, it's actually, unusally so, a brilliant time to manifest. Due to it's alignment with a portal that sits in the universe. This portal is one of great expansion and it is likely to pull the moon's Sagittarius' spirit for adventure towards it. 


This will have two effects, on one hand, what we manifest during this time will be really powerful, with Jupiter also transiting in Taurus, this is an incredibly effective time to manifest, do spell work or even visualise. If you want something, now is the time to get clear on what that is. It would be incredibly beneficial to really slow down during this full moon and focus on you. 


Be wary of addictions during this time and things such as alcohol consumption, including the days after, it maybe incredibly easy to over indulge due to that expansion of energy. 


Now on the other hand, like a true temperance card,  the great expansion caused by this portal could see a huge pull on our psychic abilities. Expect psychic downloads in rapid succession and perhaps an expansion of the mind. Tarot readings maybe really intense during this time. If you have been drawn to light work, you could see a huge expansion in your work, or find an influx of people being drawn to you in search of answers. 


Unlike most full moons, this one should feel less explosive or emotional, it's more exciting with a slight ebb towards danger. Take care under this full moon and stay blessed. Big cosmic energies shroud us this year, trust in the process. Let the universe take you with the flow. 


Fire your bow


Many moons have passed,


With longing and remorse, 


This time you will fire your bow, 


Containing a fire flaming arrow, 


Untamed in the dark warm night, 


Fire energy in the moonlight bright, 


Pull back your string and let go,


Watch the speeding golden locks, 


Ebb into the darkness and flow,


I release, "let go, let go, let go."  

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