The slow retrospective of Pluto in Capricorn

Published on 13 June 2023 at 15:05

The Pluto retrograde moved into Capricorn on June 11th 2023, this slow moving planet from the underworld and the one that causes destruction within society, in retrograde tends to be a little less scary. When it retrogrades, it likes to dismantle things and is more of a revisit on energies that you need to work on, yourself.


Pluto which moved into 1 degrees of Aquarius this year, soon after, started it's retrograde. Slipping back through the 1 degree aspect, then into Capricorn, where it is now currently retrograding until October.

As a libra rising, Aquarius sun and Cancer moon, for me this transit has already started it's magic on me in terms of my health and healing, so it goes to show you just how powerful these energies are. 

It took me ages to fully understand Astrology, you know? It's been a life long passion. It's the kind of thing that has layers. Just when you think you know everything, there's another depth to it yet to discover. That's how I see this retrograde, inner work is coming to the surface.


It took me a longtime to fully understand my astrology birth chart. But when you do you start understanding how the placement of the sky effects you, based on the houses in your chart, you get a better idea of how each transit will impact you individually. A great place to discover your birth chart is where you can get one for free.

For example, the Pluto retrograde as a Libra rising is transiting from my 5th house to my 4th. This means the retrograde for me will be focusing on healing my past and trauma. My 5th house aligns with parenting, and so my retrograde will likely be focused on my childhood.

So what does this retrograde mean for me? Well, Aquarius is very much the sign of the future, and Capricorn represents the past, so firstly this transit will be going over some unfinished business within your life.


Secondly, a Pluto retrograde is much more about inner work than the outer world. While we may see some unprogressive legislation being passed through government. Or some uncomfortable politics which seemingly go backwards, the retrograde in Pluto is much less dramatic, in terms of the world transitioning into something new. 

Pluto rules the deepest parts of our psyche. So expect to do some shadow work during this time. The retrograde in Pluto is essentially a deep psychic cleanse. We may need to address power dynamics around power, authority and money. 

the Retrograde shouldn't be feared but simply seen as a period of reflection internally to heal ourselves. It is a time to release trauma, or addictions for example. While we may hit rock bottom during this time, it is a divine guidance to help us purge or issues so we can step into the new world, when Pluto finally stations in Aquarius for 20 years next January. Be blessed, always.



Unearth my Shadow

Ruby's and diamonds,

Drop to the floor,

Scattered in clusters,

Opals and Sapphires,

Mother of Pearl,

All things are precious,

All will unfold,

Trust in the process,

Be wild at heart,

Never forget that,

You are what you were. 

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