The Saturn retrograde In Pisces of Pessimism

Published on 17 June 2023 at 13:34

The Saturn retrograde begins today in the sign of Pisces, where it will stay for five months. A Saturn retrograde is often a time of pessimism, so it is important to keep your head above the water during this time. As Neptune, God of the oceans, is the ruler of Pisces, a Saturn retrograde in this sign will likely be heavily effecting us internally, as we are made mostly of water.


Saturn is the planet of law, order and control. It is a fixed planet in the sense that it likes rigidity and conformity. It is the only planet that gains power during a retrograde. The energy of the planet flips. In reverse, Saturn the taskmaster, is more like a headmaster in the school of life. It is very good at pushing you so far that you understand the need for boundaries, for example. By creating boundaries around you (law and order) you are able to be your true self. This is not an easy thing to do however, so while it is for your greater good, you may be left with moments of what the fuckness?


As Saturn is retrograding in Pisces, we could see a crisis with many things to do with services for the people. Pisces rules healthcare systems, homelessness, immigration, addictions to name a few. So this retrograde will likely focus on a crisis for the people. As Pluto, the planet that exposes the truth is also retrograding in Capricorn at the moment, the sign of power, this retrograde could have some sticky moments.


For example we could discover that the Government has spent much more than we thought on immigration and is now in a state of crisis, causing the funding to be stopped and a surge in homelessness. Or unjust mistakes in the healthcare systems come to light, causing many people to resign and therefore a crisis of being under staffed. 


While the energy feels heavy and pessimistic, it's also important not to get carried away by that Neptunian energy that Pisces brings. Escaping into a dream world, is not advisable during this time. We cannot sweep everything under the rug and forget about it. Or pretend everything is okay when it is not.


Equally, as Mercury the planet of the mind is currently in Gemini, be aware of overthinking at the moment. Thinking about something that has happened, cannot change what has happened so it seems a little pointless. Make sure you break this unhealthy cycle. Don't let time be a flat circle.  A new moon in Gemini tomorrow, brings a new start. Be mindful of punishing yourself with overthinking.  


As I mentioned in my previous posts, Saturn does not like the fluidity of Piscean energy. As Saturn is the serious planet of boundaries, restrictions, limitations, and separation this dreamy energy will cause a duality in reality. While the return to the world of the lost horizon might seem alluring during this time, a Shangri-la type of utopia is not the adventure it seems.   


Instead like a Libra we must find balance between the two. We must navigate our way through the portals, avoiding secret worlds, avoiding pessimistic views, while somehow staying grounded in reality. The next five months could get a little confusing  that's for sure, rather it might feel like we are trapped within a novel of disbelief. 


As we also have Jupiter transiting in the house of Taurus, Jupiter is currently causing expansion in this earthly sign of comforts. Everything we currently do is being expanded, inflated. But beware, when that balloon fills with too much hot air, at some point it will burst. Around the world in eighty days, might not be as feasible as we think it is. 


On a personal level this Saturn retrograde in Pisces is likely to leave us a little drained. Addictions could surge and leave us at a point of crisis. We may realise that our health is in a state of disrepair and we need order and structure in order to stop. Or we could be pushed to a point of unwillingness, that makes us think we must change in order to stop that happening.


As Pisces has influence over our dreams, we could have a lot of nightmares, or night terrors during this retrograde. Pay attention to your sleeping habits. A good practice during this retrograde would be the act of grounding our energy. There are many ways to do this, for example walking on the ground with bare feet. Drinking water is incredibly important, so take care with what you drink. Stock up on mineral water. 


Finally as Pisces  is the sign of water, this retrograde could bring shocking events. In history for example there have been many natural disasters during a Saturn retrograde in Pisces such as Tsunamis, damns breaking, extreme floods or even hurricanes. Take care during this retrograde which will end in November. Stay grounded in reality this retrograde, don't let the siren calls leave you on the rocks. 


Somewhere in the middle


Vivid thoughts and lucid dreams, 

Tempting our reality,

Men at work and men at war,

Put down your guns and fight no more, 

Wars are lost, Wars are won, 

Beguiled  voters see the fraud, 

A crisis starts when a plan is foiled,

Destructive waves,

Of thoughts so blue,

Wash over me, and wash over you,

I get lost when I look into the ocean,

A world of mysteriousness,

Swims beneath us,

Pearls of the ether lurk in the depth,

Somewhere below, there lies a chest.

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