The Sun stands Still this Summer Solstice

Published on 21 June 2023 at 16:44

Today the sun stood still, momentarily. This is what’s called the summer solstice. Celebrated by many ancient traditions the solstice marks the start of summer. A festival of light, to celebrate the darker times of ancient cultures forgotten by the mystery of time. 


The solstice happens when the sun travels along it's skyline and temporarily appears to stop, before changing direction, or reversing in the sky if you will. This happens on the longest day of the year. This temporary stop marks the moment when light and dark are equal or, if you will, in a state of balance.


Unusual energies emit during this time. And the veil slips between the worlds only for a moment. In past cultures garlands or wreaths made of flowers would be worn to protect themselves from evil spirits. However it is important to take notice of the symbolic side of this, which is that circles represent immortality. For example angles have halo’s above their head, therefore the Garlands could have been worn to represent the immortality of life. 


We often fixate on Halloween and talk of the spirits being able to cross over, but there are actually many pockets of time during the year where this can happen. 


The Druids built Stonehenge, which although is still misunderstood to this day, we are however sure it was for the very purpose of the solstice.


Although it is still shrouded in mystery we know that there are windows carved into the rock which are at a perfect place with the solstice alignments.


In America, northern Americans built many monuments of snakes into the land. We also see the iron age white horse in England. Both animals represent fertility, life and the cycle of life.


And the fire god Ra was worshiped in ancient Egyptian times. This was celebrated as the rise of the Nile brought fertility to the land. 


While there are many ancient traditions, one thing is clear, this event was celebrated by many. A good practice at this time is to light a fire. Bonfires in particular were built to increase the strength of the sun. They were thought to give power to and charge the sun so that the extra heat would provide bountiful crops. 


While we don't need to grow crops in the same way anymore. Our societies have changed significantly since then, we still need the sun to replenish our energy. Maybe we are now the crops, so light a bonfire to radiate that fire energy. 




Summer sun,

Finish what you have begun,

Forgotten lands of time,

Make contact with the divine,

Psychic light,

Burn so bright,

Pass my by in the night,

And still I don't see,

Magic is around me. 

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