Solar returns for a Six Planet Stallium in the Age of Aquarius

Published on 5 February 2024 at 16:16


The grinding pulse of Pluto and the rings of Saturn have ensnared me lately. I have been unable to create and perhaps felt like the weight of Pluto was tugging at my very feet. I've found darkness intoxicating and the very things that kept me from becoming unhinged, have let go of my grasp. I do not like loosing my passions. It is an unholy place, the sort of depth I can't fathom. It's like walking into the abyss...


Instead, I have been Capricorn in nature, working like a slave for the planet I stand on, addicted to the smell of money and the satisfaction I gather from the smell of roasted coffee beans every morning. Existence has felt bleak and soulless. But, from time to time, I find myself daydreaming, or manifesting, however you decide to look at it, only to snap myself back into reality suddenly, because the reality is that I have more work to do. That Saturnian influence, persistent and focused with precious Pisces fighting for the spot light. Tell me, have you been day dreaming too? My dreams are awash with colours like a water painting while my existence is grey.


Alas, Aquarius season has brought me relief and I am finally writing again. I find myself amused by the predictions I have made on this blog, they are very much real and coming to pass. And the past couple of weeks, since Pluto moved into Aquarius we have seen rebellion and anger. The farmers are exercising their right to own farm land. It's all power to the people. After all, we can't have the government owning the farm lands and controlling the food supply now can we? Oh, and Mars, the god of war, he has been busy hasn't he? Just like I predicted in my post The Fire Eclipse in Libra - well, watch this space...


So we have a six planet stallium, or a procession of planets moving through the sign of Aquarius (19th Feb 2024) coming. Is a six planet stallium normal you ask? No, it is not. We're already in a rare transit, one that we haven't seen since America was founded (240 years) with Pluto in Aquarius- the sign of humanity. 


So what is going on? Well, change, that's what, at least the start of it. Rebellion, free-thinking, anger and outrage.  I think they're the four horsemen of the Pluto in Aquarius transit.


Will the farmers win? I highly doubt it. The government has way too many plans for us all. Will the government win in the end? I highly doubt it. Like I mentioned last year we've shifted into a 6D paradigm and things are about to get quick, like lightening quick. Fast and really fucking furious. We're all subconsciously walking into the shadow side of Aquarius, aka humanity. 


Happy birthday to me! You know recently I have thinking about whether we are here by choice. You know? Like maybe I picked this pocket of time to exist so that I could witness the age of aqua. We are living in both hopelessness and electrifying times, and I shouldn't take that for granted. 


Lastly, I have been bitten by the travel bug again. My desire to spread my wings and fly at times feels like it will never be quenched. But, be careful, Sophie, do not fly so close to the sun...




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