The shattered glass of Inner Mirrors this Scorpio Eclipse

Published on 5 May 2023 at 14:07

There's a lunar eclipse tonight, and this will be a bold and fierce kind of energy. Taurus squares Scorpio in the the final eclipse of the Taurus- Scorpio series, that started in 2021, so although it's only a partial eclipse, this one is sure to be powerful. The Scorpio curves and the planets in retrograde are dominating the energies of the sky tonight. 


We have a few planets in retrograde right now, firstly Mercury is retrograding in Taurus, which will end on May the 14th. This is currently causing the time warp of the bull, time is shifting along in an unusual way. Sometimes things feel sluggishly slow, and then we are projected into warp speed.


I'll try to give you an example, so my social media platforms have been growing phenomenally recently, which is odd during a Mercury retrograde, but, I feel like time is ticking by so slowly. I'm achieving things, but I feel stagnant and frustrated, it's an odd feeling. I've also noticed my sleep flashing by and a strange lack of dreams. I close my eyes and then open them again, and it's morning. While I'm not complaining about a sound nights sleep, it's usual for me, and I'm waking up feeling confused as to whether I have rested or not. 


Next, we have Saturn which is currently in Pisces, but will be retrograding into Aquarius on June 17, as an Aquarius, I can feel this energy already, it's heavy and burdensome. The carbon press is swinging back on us, just after a little reprieve where the rings of Saturn released Aquarius. It's coming back, but seeing as Aquarius is the sign of humanity, this will have repercussions for us all. Saturn is the planet of control, so when it is in retrograde it is less concerned with the external world and more concerned with the inner world. This long retrograde could cause some strict changes within your life and you'll be the taskmaster behind it! I'll post more on this later.


Finally, Pluto is retrograding in Aquarius. Yeah, it just dipped it's toe in the water and now it's backing out due to it's backwards orbit. This five month retrograde will end in Capricorn. Pluto, aka the God of the Underworld, sometimes called death, is a difficult planet to say the least. The Pluto retrograde in Aquarius is about releasing power and control. It is a time for elimination, whether it is eliminating toxic habits such as addictions or releasing compulsions or manipulative people. Remember to maintain high moral standards during this time to ensure success!  Do not be tempted by the god of the Underworld into excess Sophie, stay strong to your roots. 


So with all this currently creating havoc in the sky, plus the fact that we're in the midst of chaotic eclipse season, this is why the Scorpio eclipse is really packing that sting of a scorpion tail tonight. The energy from this will last six weeks and it represents the closing of a cycle that you've been in for a while. Something that started before 2021. A large scale example of this is the USA officially declaring that you no longer need proof of a Covid vaccination to enter the country.  


The energy of Scorpio then, is serpentine, flowing and constantly changing, like the current of a rapid river. It is important not to resist change during this time. There is no point in fighting the current, you cannot stay in one place as this may cause you to drown. You must be prepared to evolve auspiciously. Whatever life may throw at you this eclipse season, be bold and strong.   


A good practice during this time, would be to break something. It could be a tree branch for example or a plate, something you won't miss. This symbolises the break of a cycle and invites good energy in as you show the universe you are ready to flow with the changes it is bringing. Inner work or shadow work could be described as the shattering of a mirror. This eclipse invites us to meet our demons and accept them as part of who we are. In this way we can spiritually evolve. 


Scorpio the serpentine


The snake charmer,


Wears perceived armour,


To bend reality, 


Like a sliver spoon, 


And blindly walks,


Into danger that talks,


He plays the Pungi,


His lips to the reed,


And lulls us into darkness,


We must resist,


With a gentle hiss,


To survive the steam,


That exists in this dream.

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